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Choosing the right Commercial framework software while using dot net

This is a message which was taken from the Skype group I am involved with. I was asking some guys what they know about Radzen as a commercial frame work - which works with Angular and dot net and found here: Most of the guys I know are application developers and all are using commercial frameworks. Some of our company's developers are using Angular as a framework for the application front end. See below some notes that I exchanged with a developer within the Skype group and has more than 30 years of experience in custom software development. In the below we mentioned COT and InDe which are commercial frameworks and I do have a license for COT.

The Ultimate Guide to Optimize Google My Business Listing

Information that you add to your Google My Business account appears on a number of Google channels, including Google Maps and Google Search. The intent behind creating Google My Business by the tech mogul, i.e. Google, itself is to combine all dashboards across local SEO products into a single easy-to-access place. As such, Google My Business Optimization Services have gained a lot of traction among new and extant businesses alike.

Custom Software Development 10 steps to engage with the client.

Software development is oftentimes a lengthy process requiring meticulous attention to detail. The process consists of a multitude of chronological phases which have to be performed and executed effectively. The beginning of custom software development should include heavy consideration to the requirements and focus on the overall objectives.

Alpha AnyWhere Developers Offering Rapid Software Deployment

The first step in custom software or mobile application development has to be the creating of a software requirements specification document. This helps us to understand exactly what your company expects to get from the custom software development process

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Alpha AnyWhere for Your Company's Custom Software Development

At the Farber Consulting Group, our Alpha AnyWhere (formerly Alpha Five) developers work to create and maintain customized software for our clients. It is one of our specialties, along with things like MS SQL consulting. Why should you choose Alpha AnyWhere as the engine for all of your custom software development needs? We’re going to take a closer look at 6 things that set Alpha AnyWhere apart and make it the perfect development tool for your project.

10 Indications Your Company Needs Custom Software Development

Are you wondering if custom software development is the right direction to take for your business? Whether you are a New York or New Jersey company looking for new software or a complete revamp of existing systems, here are 10 signs that you should invest in custom software development rather than buying an existing software package.

Develop Messaging System for Multi-Tenant Application

Multi-Tenant Database Application for Sending Messages Or News To Thousands of Users Hey, I am Eric from the Farber Consulting Group Inc., providing custom software development and database cleasing since 1992 and Remote DBA services as well. In addition, we provide database design services to fully optimized your database . Will be talking about the

Alpha Five Developers Steps to Add Multiple Images as Logo in Alpha AnyWhere Report

As the company evolves, the application is a work in progress and requires updates, they are in the process of acquiring another car rental company, Payless, while already having Budget as a subsidiary. This required us to design a versatile report for the rental contract with a similar structure for all three companies, but malleable and flexible enough to use for the same three.

Create report in Alpha Five - One Report Does It All With Alpha Anywhere

This is a technique that can save you a lot of time and effort when creating Alpha Anywhere reports. No longer is there a need to create a report for every single type of scenario. We are going to show you how to create versatile reports capable of being used in many different scenarios.

Why Convert Access To SQL

The Advantages of Converting from MS Access to SQL Server is that the performance, and processing time are all significantly improved.

Create Unique Invoice Number in SQL

A better solution will have a separate table so you can generate Invoice numbers. This way you let IDENTITY field work for you with any Insert as shown in the below Stored Procedure.

How to solve identity problem in SQL 2012

Microsoft changed the Identity behavior to jump in increment of 1000 or 10000 whenever the SQL Server 2012 restart. For example: we have a Primary Key that was 10012, if you re-start the SQL server instant, then in the next Insert record you will get the Primary Key as 11012.

How to disable User Account Control in Windows Server 2012

Running any program and dealing with the UAC could be a hassle and that process also evaluates if the user has the rights to proceed with the program any further. If you need to remove the below UAC and save you the additional click then follow some basic steps to accomplish just that.

SQL Consulting

We are experts at SQL Server database administration, performance tuning and database optimization to maximize your company's productivity. In our team we have MS SQL MVP consultant and our highest experience person has 26 years of database solutions. We are located in central NJ and provide MS SQL consulting solutions all over the USA.