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Remote DBA for MS SQL MySQL Oracle and use it only when you need it

Remote DBA for MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and use it only when you need it

The Farber Consulting provide database services such as: SQL Consulting and Remote DBA. Some of our consultants have more then 30 years of experience including MS MVP. See below some of our services that we provide to our clients and some case studies to support that.

Database Administration Services for SQL Server, SQL Azure, AWS, MySQL Performance Tuning. We provide remote sql consulting and database design services.

Data Modeling, Data architecture (Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, AWS, SQL Azure.)

  • - Transnational relational database modeling and design
  • - Designing a consistent DB API
  • - Integrating structured and non-structured data
  • - Data model as a key to your business success
  • - Building a scale able data platform

Encryption and security
Log shipping
DB partitioning
Service Broker
Fault tolerance and High Availability
Master slave replication

Database Programming (Oracle - PL/SQL, SQL server - T-SQL, MySQL, AWS, SQL Azure.)

Best Practices consulting and implementation
stored Procedures, functions, triggers etc.
DB Queue programming (Service Broker)
processing XML data
Error handling in procedures and functions
Interacting with the application layer
ORM primed for performance
CLR programming
Data Cleansing

Data Modeling and Database Design Services

Some people think that Data Modeling is only for data warehouses. In reality it’s primarily for transnational systems because if you don’t create a proper model your application will not be able to implement all features. The cost for poor design, is an implementation with a great expense of performance.

Case study - Move from minimum viable product to a production system

An advance integrated circuit manufacturer with a patented technology needed to move from minimum viable product to a production system. For that purpose, they need to keep track of each step of chip manufacture, system build out, etc. Without a proper database model, they simply couldn’t proceed. They tried few options, but always something was missing or not working properly. With our assistance all manufacture steps were properly represented, accounted for and tracked. System output increased 5-fold along with a significant improvement in product quality.

Database Administration Services

when it comes to DBA work, you need two radically different skills

  1. forward looking / designer skills that enable us to build resilient systems that are resistant to failure
  2. archeologist / investigator skills that enable us to analyze a problem, get to the root cause and identify the change that caused it.

In both cases we need to be extraordinarily organized and scientific about approach.

Case Study - Intermittently recurring performance problem

Recurring mystery. Once upon a time on an SQL server far away, there was an intermittently recurring performance problem. It would come and go at seemingly random intervals, and there seemed to be no reason to it. Just a sudden slowdown that went away after some time. Even with historical data from SQL sentry monitoring system there was no “smoking gun” that we could point to. Eventually, we narrowed it down too few factors and had to perform co-variance analysis on historical data thereby discovering a hidden relationship between network, disk and CPU utilization. It was clear that CPU was a result of the first two. With this data we started looking for what changed on network/disk and found that one of the disks was changed to iSCSI. Culprit identified!!

Database Programming

Some people think that a database should be purely a data storage device. So much so that they don’t allow development of stored procedures and functions. But, the truth is that for a performance application you want to do as much manipulation as possible close to data - on the database server. With databases getting more and more sophisticated we can even implement asynchronous processes that truly push the edge.

Case Study - Service Broker Queues as a Solution

Burst performance optimization. This happened on an SQL server-based system that was used to process various events. Sometimes events would overwhelm the system slowing down the entire platform, at other times, events would slow to a trickle wasting capacity. A solution? Service Broker Queues. With a bit of tinkering, we were able to refactor the system to allow asynchronous handing off of events. Event ingestion rate went up to 1.5 million/s and all related components were no longer tied to SQL Server performance. As for the database itself it was able to function at its theoretical peak throughput (approximately 40K transactions/s) to process all events without breaking the sweat!

Reverse database Engineering

In many cases we get the database from a new client, but we do not have the E-R diagram or the actual physical model. Reverse database engineering allows us to re-create the model from an existing schema and extract any info for the relations between the tables, the indexes per each table the stored procedure, triggers and views. When dealing with complex databases, it's essential to have good documentation, the tool that we use for the last 19 years is called xCase and definitely this way we get a global view of the entire model and quickly can pick up any draw back in the design.