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College Application

Student College Application

When you open college application form, you'll have the flexibility to locate a student based on his/hers class year graduation, first name, last name and/or social security, and later input new and/or modify existing data.

Tracks the process of the student college application, such as Application Fees sent, and how it was sent, Transcripts sent, Recommendation Letter (s) sent, and maintains a list of people that sent letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation can be attached into the student profile.

Tracks down how the SAT and/or other tests were sent, tracks most known colleges in the US and Canada, providing information such as whether the institution is private or public, and other details as well. It will track down which schools accepted or rejected, early action, early decision and much more. This way you keep the history of status per each student per each application.

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Here is where you enter your letter of recommendations for each student:

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