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Test Scores

When you open the test scores form, you'll have the flexibility to first locate a student based on his/her class year graduation, first name, last name and/or social security, and later input new and/or modify existing data.

Create Test Records Directly from an ETS download file to enter the scores from the SAT I and SAT II. It will handle other tests as described above either manually or imported from a file.

There are multiple ways to call VisualRep. It is possible to call it either as a stand alone application or within Visual FoxPro version 6 or higher. It can be easily integrated into any application that was written with Visual FoxPro language. Applications written in other languages can use VisaulRep to produce reports from client server such as MS-SQL, Oracle, MS Access, Visual FoxPro, or any SQL compliant database using VFP.