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Last Updated VisualRep - Report and Query Engine July 2,2007

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Download this help file only if the date above is different from the Visual Report Engine Pro Install file date. Last update is on: May 1, 2007

When the application is loaded at first you will see the following: For a registration send us an email or phone us. To receive an activation code you must provide the code within Reg Key 1 and Reg Key 2 as shown in figure C. Those two numbers will identify your product ID. If there is a problem running VisualRep make sure the files VRep.LIC and VRep.exe are in the same folder where VRep.exe is installed.

In order to produce the Reg numbers that will appear in the figure c below you must click the Manually register this software radio button as it appears within figure B and then click the Continue button to bring figure C. In this point the numbers as appears in User Code 1 and User Code 2 are the numbers that you need to send us so we can provide you with your registration code.

Figure A:
The VisualRep is a query and reporting tool for developers and end users. It offers a broad range of features including access to the most popular databases like: ORACLE, SQL Server, Visual FoxPro, and MS Access. It reads all data dictionary directly from each database, such as tables, relations, fields name and captions. This means that when selecting tables for a report, based on relations created in any data dictionary, the SQL statement is created on the fly. It is easy to create queries as much as needed without writing one line of code for any table that is included in the query. If new tables were added within the database, VisualRep will grab them whether it is view or a table. This is an automatic update. If a table is moved from your data dictionary then it will not be shown in VisualRep.
Figure B:
There are multiple ways to call VisualRep. It is possible to call it either as a stand alone application or within Visual FoxPro version 6 or higher. It can be easily integrated into any application that was written with Visual FoxPro language. Applications written in other languages can use VisaulRep to produce reports from client server such as MS-SQL, Oracle, MS Access, Visual FoxPro, or any SQL compliant database using VFP.
Figure C:
It is capable to E-Mail for a group of E-mails based on address book built in. The attachment can be HTML, PDF, Excel Word, Text file or a dbf. VisualRep can be called from anywhere within the application by passing the appropriate parameters. For example, it can be called directly from a Report button on a data entry form or a menu option without having the user exposed into the VisualRep user interface.