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We are Database Experts
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Software Development

Provide Remote DBA 24/7. MS SQL Database Cleansing

The first Step is
To Create the
Need Analysis

Interview Your Employees So We Can Analyze Your Operation
We Design the Database for Maximum Optimization

Develop Mobile

Create New Mobile Forms with Offline
Media and Signature Capable.
Develop Voice Annotation Applications

Provide Database
Optimization for

Remote Database Administrator and 24/7
We Provide Data Migration Services such as From
MS Access to MS SQL and Much More

Custom Software Development and Remote DBA Consulting Services

Custom Software Development such as: Web scraping, Convert MS Access to to Web, Convert Visual FoxPro into the Cloud and Custom ERP.

Custom Software Development

We are Software Development Company and build software that make companies more efficient. We analyze your operation in order to determine which is the best way to convert your manual procedures into an automatic, time-saving software solution, and can potentially make it web based. Our Custom Software Development is done via Alpha Five or Visual Studio with .Net. We can convert old MS Access applications into an efficient web based solution as well, or your Visual FoxPro applications to dot net while using MS SQL or MySQL as your database. We pride ourselves on being mobile platform development professionals as well and can easily do such.

SQL Server Remote DBA

SQL Server Remote DBA

Optimize your database and reduce run time with your Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database. Provide database maintenance and SQL database Planning, Architecture, and database design. We have worked with large scale databases and perform data cleansing using SSIS for data integration and transformation. We also provide data migration services from MS Access to MS SQL or to MySQL and more. In addition, we can upgrade older MS SQL databases into MS SQL 2016. We provide MS SQL Consulting NJ to optimize your database and thus increase its performance.

Convert MS Access To Web

Put Your MS Access Database In The Cloud

We live in a world that is constantly on the go. More employees need to be connected at home and on the road. When you make the switch and to put your MS Access Database in the Cloud, you give your staff the power to be productive from any place and at any time. Your MS Access database will be up-graded to MS SQL 2019 or later to gain better performance and storage capability. We will convert your data, improve the database design, and perform data cleansing so that run time is optimized.

Our Work Process
Without you, there is no us

The Farber Consulting Group has been developing custom products to enhance companies for over 30 years. It is something that we are passionate about and take great pride in watching our software development streamline your day-to-day and save you money. Please check the Car Rental Software we developed for the Avis car rental company.

We perform our due diligence or system analysis through several means in order to truly get a handle on your workflow. We personally interview select employees, go through company paperwork, and analyze older applications and technology, to draw up detailed “software requirement specifications” (SRS) to be agreed upon by the owner prior to development.

We begin creating a prototype with user interface and basic database with only bare-bone features in order to show our client the direction we are heading with both functionality and look and feel in order to insure that the client’s expectations are fully met. Check for more details our Custom Software Development - Our Work Process.

This starts during the prototype phase and starts to really to come fruition by this point. We utilize xCase, a data modeling tool to expedite the process for database design. In addition, we are database experts that will only put out the most optimal database design by ensuring that there are no duplicate records, by using the most advanced file compression, and by using advanced sorting techniques.

At this point the interface and database are coming together. A project manager is dedicated to each project and remains in constant communication with the client. We make sure to give frequent updates to show our progress and get any input in order to create the best product for our client’s needs. Our quality assurance team performs constant testing to make sure the application performs consistently.

Once the application is out of development phase and ready for implementation we begin a roll out where we test the application on the client site to a smaller scale, receive feedback, and finalize the product. We also provide a 3 month “bug fix” so that even if anything comes up, your investment is completely covered.

About the Farber
Consulting Group, Inc.

We Provide Custom Software Development for Your Desktop Or Mobile Applications. In addition, we Convert MS Access to Web. We are database experts and can help you to optimize your database and improve the over all performance of your mission critical application. See some of our additional Videos.

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Custom Software Development

Custom software development serves its purpose well, because it is tailored to your specific business needs. This will optimize your business processes and save you thousands! Off the shelf software may seem convenient, but can be troublesome. Without a tailored program, you lose the customization potential and lose on efficiency. It is an investment with a very high return and will continue to save you significant amounts of money for the years to come.

Remote DBA Services

The Farber Consulting Group provides Remote Database Administrator Services since its founding in 1992 and we have developers with over 30 years of experience, having worked on projects with Johnson and Johnson, Avis Car Rental and Dassault Aircraft Industries. 

Our developers have been featured in magazines and awarded the prestigious title of Microsoft SQL MVP.

Alpha Five Developers

In today's rapidly changing business environment application flexibility and short development cycles are especially important. The ability to quickly design, update, and deploy custom software components throughout the application life cycle is a value-additive asset in today's challenging business environment. For instance, our Alpha Five Developers can develop mobile applications in record  time to accommodate your company changing landscape.

Check the video for

Custom Software Development

we did for non - profit organization as for the No Interest
loan which is Student Loan Management

For more videos check our

Videos Library

Provide MS SQL Consulting and MySQL services.

Data Cleansing or DeDupe your data:
Data Cleansing/DeDuping is most powerful when you remove duplicate records while combining relevant data into one record. For instance, there could be a phone number of individual A in one record, and the Date of Birth of Individual A in another record. With good data cleansing, we combine this data into one record, thus minimizing load times and increasing productivity. Our SQL Consulting NJ team will monitor your database 24/7 to make sure it will always perform in the best possible way.

We Provide Remote Database Administrator Services:
Since its founding in 1992, The Farber Consulting Group has provided Remote Database Administrator Services and have developers with over 30 years of experience. We have worked on projects for well-known companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Avis Car Rental, Dassault Aircraft Industries and more.

Provide MS SQL Consulting and SQL data migration services.

We specialize in We specialize in data migration from one type of database to another. In this process, we improve the database design and optimize its performance while implementing the data migration. The following are the database types when that we are involved:

  • MySQL to MS SQL
  • Oracle database to MS SQL
  • MS Access to MS SQL
  • Visual FoxPro tables to MS SQL

Remove duplicate records in a smart way while combining several records into one good record without losing any data. There could be phone number in one record or a Date of Birth (DOB) in another record. Only one record will be kept with all data from different records.

Database Design - using data modeling tools. MS SQL database development and optimization Remote DBA 24/7

Car Rental Software and Contract Manager

We developed Car Rental Software as web based application for the Avis car rental Company in north NJ, USA. Currently there are 30 locations that use the Avis Car Rental Contract manager. It was implemented as of December 2014. A signature capture technology was Integrated into the web based solution. The user can sign the contract either by placing his/her finger on the monitor or with a mouse.

The Avis Car Rental Software is implemented as a contract manager and is a database centric, allowing the customers to rent a car at one location and returns it at another location. It handles damage report when the car is rented or returned. In addition, it keeps track when the car is transferred from one location to another by the Avis car rental staff.

We Offer More Possibilities to
Meet Your Every Day Needs.

Try Us for your MS SQL and MySQL database needs. We can help you to convert
your manual procedure to office automation.

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Frequently Asked

These are our Frequently asked questions asked by our clients. Some of the questions are also there to help any potential prospect to view the questions and answers that we are asked multiple times.

The purpose of these questions and answers are also to help our clients to understand process of our engagement with any potential clients regarding custom software development methodology and the remote database services that we provide all over the world.

Questions and answers are there to help you understand the process of the services that we provide for custom software development to remote DBA services.  One request on demand these days is: Web scraping application to maximize inventory control and profit margins. Clients do realized the benefits it provides against their competition.

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