Custom Software Development
for Your Brand:

Every business is unique and your software should reflect that. As a custom software development company, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our experienced development team has created tailored software for accounting firms, car rental companies, school districts, chemical companies, and more!

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Remote DBA and SQL Consulting Services:

Our MySQL and MS SQL consulting services relieve your business of hiring a full-time worker to manage your database.

Why pay someone a weekly salary to take care of a job that only requires occasional attention? Our databases are reliable, consistent, and fast with a 99.999% uptime.

We can design, implement, and maintain your database while filling the role of remote DBA, saving you the need for an in-house database administrator.

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Migrate Your MS Access Database to the Cloud:

Our staff of MS Access and Dot Net developers can migrate your existing database or convert any Access database to the web or cloud, opening up for you whole new world of possibilities:

  • Your employees, vendors, and customers can access your business anytime and anywhere.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in your database to increase your overall performance.
  • Offer real time access over mobile devices 24/7.
  • Mobile access reduces Hardware and IT costs.
  • Scale out on demand.
  • Enjoy improved security.

Our experienced MS Access experts will clean out your database, especially removing duplicate entries and redeveloping Access queries that cannot be migrated naturally, then convert access to SQL as we migrate your modernized database to the web or a cloud platform.

Learn more about how we convert your MS Access to the Cloud.

Custom Mobile Application Development:

Once your database is in the cloud, your employees need remote access to the system. Our mobile application development team develops custom mobile apps to work across platforms and on any device.

Now, your team can access your database from anywhere.

If someone wants to work from home, is at a conference overseas, even snowed in at the hotel, they can pick up any mobile device, log in, and start working.

Through this app, you can extend access to your business partners and customers. This offers them greater convenience, better customer service, and relief in knowing that your business uses the latest technology to complete tasks on schedule.

We Are Alpha Five Developers:

Alpha Five is a software package designed for the development of custom software. Our staff are expert Alpha Five developers, and this is the platform that we use to take your ideas and turn them into workable software as well as web and mobile applications for the benefit of your business.

Alpha Anywhere Development Meets Your Unique Needs:

We are experienced at alpha anywhere development (the predecessor to the Alpha Five software development package). In fact, we used it to design and implement rental software for Avis Car Rental Company that is managing contacts in 30 locations across the Northeast US. Put that expertise to work for you by hiring the Farber Consulting Group for your software development needs.

Reverse Database Engineering to Fix, Update, and Modernize Your Legacy Database:

If your business has been in place for any length of time, you probably already have a legacy database. But what if that database starts to have issues? What if the last person to design or understand how that database works retired five years ago?

Reverse database engineering is an important part of maintaining and modernizing all the data in every one of your system.

When a legacy database goes down, unless you have a E-R diagram or a physical model of the database, a developer will likely demand that you start from scratch. That can result in a colossal waste of time and money.

Since 2004, we have been reverse engineering pre-existing databases. By reconstructing a physical or E-R model of your database, you can:

  • Migrate your data to a more scalable system.
  • Delete duplicates to shorten query time to a crawl.
  • Provide faster maintenance of your system.

We can reverse engineer just about any database including the most popular legacy software from:

  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MS Access
  • Visual FoxPro
  • And much more!

Convert Visual FoxPro to the Cloud:

We offer expert Visual FoxPro Database optimization across multiple platforms.

There is no direct replacement for this technology, so you will need to convert your Visual FoxPro database (Link the text convert your Visual FoxPro database to into a web-based application. Our Visual FoxPro developers have been working with this system since 1985, making us your number one choice for maintaining your current systems while moving it onto a modern solution.

Our Visual FoxPro consultants are also experienced .NET developers who can rapidly create powerful web and mobile-based applications using a modern framework while maintaining your existing systems.

Enjoy the benefits of our one-of-a-kind report and query engine – Report Writer – a time-saving, project-driven software tool that we made for both developers and end users alike.

End to End Web Scraping Services:

Collecting data from hundreds to thousands of web pages across the internet on a daily, hourly or minute to minute basis only scratches the surface of good web scraping tools can deliver to your business.

At Farber Consulting, alongside first-class web scraping services web scraping services to, we also develop the database all your newly collected data will be stored in. We create an application that analyzes the data and produces intelligence reports and customized alerts based on the entire landscape of your industry.

You will see things nobody else sees by collecting data from your competitors and piecing them together in real time.

You’ll be the first to know when:

  • Your competitor has run out of a product
  • You have the lowest price in the industry for something.
  • A supplier is offering something at a price cheap enough for you to buy, rebrand, and sell at a profit.
  • Mobile access reduces Hardware and IT costs.
  • A competitor received 5 poor customer reviews because they lack a feature – giving you an opportunity to include it in the next version of your product.
  • Enjoy improved security.

Our end-to-end web scraping services include developing applications to alert you to opportunities in your industry that you can react to immediately. If a competitor lowers their price or if someone sold out of a specific part five minutes ago, you will be the first to know – and do something about it.

Develop Your Own Custom ERP Software:

Off the shelf software can’t address all the specific needs of your organization. A tailored application provides significant productivity advantages for you and your customers.

We can design your own custom ERP software that includes the following features:

  • Leverage QuickBooks to automate client services:
    Get updated data for Customers, Suppliers, Bills and their transactions. Generate Invoices, Employees Accounts, Items for inventory tracking, Purchase Orders, Sales Reps, and other data as needed.

  • Power BI Report Engine:
    Integrating Power BI capabilities takes your reporting, data visualization and decision-making process to the next level. Check out our Microsoft Power BI and Why Businesses need this intelligence tool.

  • Custom Email Engine:
    Send a quote or any message to your customer from within the system without the need to open an email platform.

  • Smart Notifications:
    Choose between Email, SMS and App notifications to fine-tune your level of notifications.

  • Your Own Chat Engine:
    Exchange messages and files throughout your organization, clients, and leads.

To learn more about this ERP system then please check this link: ERP CRM Integration and inventory management systems.

Some additional features found in our ERP Net:

  • Security as Advanced Permission Management.
  • Smart Search Engine.
  • Calendar with built-in filtering capabilities - to keep notes on employess, orders, invoices and much more.

Our custom software development team will optimize your procedures, automate your office to save you time and money.

The Farber Consulting Group Is Your One Stop Shop for Database Optimization and Custom Software Development:

Why settle for someone who will complete your project and disappear?

Our experienced team is happy to give you ongoing support throughout the entire process. We can even train your staff.

Our custom software development delivers superior results because we understand how the database behind your software works. Let us help you run your business more smoothly by contacting us today!

Do you need a new database, migration to the cloud, or a customized application? Let us know: 732-536-4765 or contact us.

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