ERP Software Selection

You are an owner of a small or medium size company, and you need to select ERP software to run your business. You are confused between the large availability of ERP software packages. How do you select the right one for your business, and how do you find one you can afford?

Benefits of ERP Software for Small or Medium Size Businesses

If you are a typical stakeholder of a small or medium size business, you probably prefer to invest in assets that contribute directly to the growth and revenue of your business (for example, tools for making your product, machines to expand capacity, people to design and sell your product, etc.). You know that information technology and business software is important, but you...

Processing hundreds of millions records got much easier

SQL 2012 or higher - Processing hundreds of millions records can be done in less than an hour. Processing hundreds of millions of records requires a different strategy and the implementation should be different compared to smaller tables with only several millions of records.