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How To Convert or Migrate MS Access database to SQL Server.

With the custom software development, data migration from MS Access to MS SQL Server could be a critical process of the entire process. The client can see their data in the application and it is easier for them to relate to their own data, as opposed to some made up data. This is part the process which the end results will lead to Convert MS Access To Web. Below are the steps for the MS SQL Database migrations:

How to make 32 Bit MS Access application compatible with 32 bit and 64 Bit

MS Access Level required: Medium. Although most systems nowadays are 64-bit by default, it is still very common for Users to have a 32-bit Office installation. One of the reasons could be the smaller footprint by a 32-bit installation, compared to a 64-bit installation, or the cost of upgrading. As a result it is often found that, an MS Access Application based on 32-bit installation that worked for many years, suddenly don’t work when installed on a 64-bit system.

How to create early or late binding in MS Access Application?

When it comes to automation, MS Access Developers often have to decide between early or late binding, especially when referring to other MS Office applications. The main reason is due to the multiple MS Access versions through the years, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. To ensure backward compatibility between versions, it is normally better to use late binding since early binding, could result in non-operation or system crashes because the Library reference made will fail. This article will explained the difference between early and late binding to make the decision easier when doing custom software development.

Reverse engineering a MS Access database before we converting it to a web-based application

We are often approached by Clients to, either improve their existing MS Access application or, to convert Access to Web. In many cases the original MS Access Developer is not available anymore. Which means we have to reverse engineer the MS Access application to establish what it does before we can improve or covert it to Web.

Tips for MS Access developers on developing a Commercial MS Access application

We provide custom software development and many times we get phone calls from new Clients regarding their MS Access application. In many cases the Clients still have feelings towards their old application, and simply want us improve it or fix some other ms access developer’s bugs. The application could have been developed more than 20 years ago and the developer nowhere to be found. Convert MS Access to a web application could be another solution. In this case you can use the old application for some of business rules.