Alpha Five Developers Steps to Add Multiple Images as Logo in Alpha AnyWhere Report

Customized Multiple Images as Logo in Alpha AnyWhere Report's Engine. At the Farber Consulting Group (FCG), we build custom software or websites that increase company efficiency and save you money. We analyze your company operation to determine how to convert manual procedures into automated, software based solutions. We can convert your old application into a web based solution so that the engine it runs on is significantly faster, while maintain that familiar interface.

Our Custom Software Development services located in New Jersey and New York are skilled in SQL, MySQL, Visual Studio, Visual FoxPro, .Net, MS Access, Mobile platforms, Remote DBA services and database design New Jersey companies trust. With over 30 years’ experience and projects for the Government, Avis Car Rental, Johnson and Johnson, we have the “know-how” to cut costs and increase your company’s cash flows.

I would now like us to look at a specific project we worked on, a Car rental software for the Avis Car Rental Company while using the Alpha Anywhere software development.

As the company evolves, the application is a work in progress and requires updates, they are in the process of acquiring another car rental company, Payless, while already having Budget as a subsidiary. This required us to design a versatile report for the rental contract with a similar structure for all three companies, but malleable and flexible enough to use for the same three.

Most developers use multiple Conditional Objects for this scenario but one can handle all scenarios and it is simpler to manage. 

Here is how to design a report to handle multiple images as logos similar to what was described prior using Alpha AnyWhere’s report engine:

Step 1:Click on the Conditional object found under the report’s Toolbox and place the cursor on top of the report’s body in the area where the logo generally appears. Expand the conditional object to the size that fits all logos.

Step 2:Right click on top of the Conditional object line and select properties.

Step 3:Click on the Condition Expression x:y button (see figure 2), and then click the Insert button (from the left side of Figure 1) while highlighting the Field Name option to select Company and then type = “Avis” as shown in the below image. That was the first condition for the first logo.

Figure 1:

Click the OK button, and you are back in the Conditional Object Properties as shown in Figure 2. In the Object name field you may enter a more descriptive name such as: Control_Logos. In the Label field enter the name Avis. 

Figure 2:

Step 4:Copy the first Image from your editor into the report’s body and paste it right within the Conditional Object. It is now a bit map image as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3:

Whenever we create a new condition you essentially “create a new tab” and so the surface is cleared for the new image.

Step 5: Highlight the New Condition right below the line named: Company = “Avis” as shown in Figure 2 and for the next logo repeat steps 2 to 5.

Step 6: Let’s add the 3rd logo based on steps 2 to 5. As a result of that, we now have 3 labels that represent each logo as shown in the below image. Right click on top of the Conditional Object will bring the menu with the 3 labels highlighted in yellow. Selecting each one of them will bring the corresponding image to the Conditional Object surface. Selecting the Default option below will show the empty surface above the Conditional Object.

Figure 4:

Now you are ready to run the report. If in this report the Company field has the name Avis for say then the Logo for Avis will be shown, otherwise the corresponding logos will be shown as part of the report.

Alpha Five developers can use one “Conditional Object” to facilitate multiple logos in one report. The bottom line is that for custom software development New Jerseycompanies trust this allows for an increase in productivity and flexibility while using Alpha Five’s report engine for creating quick and flexible reports.

Doron Farber - The Farber Consulting Group

I started to develop custom software since 1985 while using dBase III from Aston Tate. From there I moved to FoxBase and to FoxPro and ended up working with Visual FoxPro until Microsoft stopped supporting that great engine. With the Visual FoxPro, I developed the VisualRep which is Report and Query Engine. We are also a dot net development company, and one of our projects is a web scrapping from different web sites. We are Alpha AnyWhere developers, and the Avis Car Rental company trusted us with their contract management software that we developed with the Alpha Five software Engine.


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