Reverse Database Engineering and Database Design

Reverse Database Engineering Can Expedite Database Design By Far

Hi everyone, We are the Farber Consulting Group Inc. We provide database design New York, Remote DBA and custom software development services. Today we will be talking about reverse database engineering, hope you enjoy the video.

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Reverse database engineering is a very powerful feature found in data modelling tools. We have been using it for 18 years with xCase which also handles an assortment of databases such as MS SQL MySQL Oracle, Ms Access, Visual FoxPro and much more…

In many cases, we have an existing database but don’t have the original E-R diagram or physical model. Reverse Database Engineering allows us to reconstruct a physical and/or ER model from an existing schema.

Reverse Database Engineering can be used to:

  • Provide documentation on an existing application.
  • Provide the developer with a better overall picture of the schema.
  • And really save significant time by bringing the entire schema right under your fingertips.

Reverse database engineering is extremely useful for tracking down the Foreign Key relationships, Primary Keys and all indexes, stored procedures, Triggers and Views.

Here is the video to demonstrate Reverse Database Engineering:

See below how the Entity looks like when double click on it:

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Below is a snippet from one of our models done with xCase data modelling tool.

Each dotted line between one entities to another represents a relation between entities. As shown in the image below, a relation is defined when a dotted line coming out say from the Names Entity as an orange line towards the Address entity. This is how we recognize parent child relationships. In this example the Address is the child of the Names entity. In a database design New Jersey, relationships between tables are part of the actual design process.