Codeless Options for Database Optimization

Your database is the heart of your application:

  • It pumps blood throughout the system but in the form of data.
  • The better it's working, the better your entire system is working.
  • The better it functions, the less everything else needs to work. The healthier you are, the lower your heart rate. The healthier your database, the fewer resources you need.
  • The bigger each system gets, the more critical it is that the heart stays in perfect working order. Every minor inefficiency will cause major damage according to the size of your system.
Database optimization is a major benefit of remote database services, especially if your SQL consultant uses codeless solutions to boost application performance.

Just like having frequent checkups with the doctor, you want to conduct periodic database optimization.

When deciding where to start, the default option is to refactor code.

That can cost you.

Any code change requires testing the entire code to ensure you didn't break anything from a neighboring function to a code block over 3,000 lines away at the far side of your root directory.

What if you can do the job without code? What if you can finish most of the job without involving your DevOps team?

Using a monitoring tool, you can determine how much time every process needs to execute. You can see how much memory is required to run a code block.

Even if such inefficiencies might appear to be bad code stuffing up the works, there are codeless solutions that can help.

For example, are database sessions blocking one another?

If multiple users are making queries to the same database simultaneously, they could be getting in each other's way because your database system is configured to run every query in a single file line.

One session blocking another creates a competition for resources. This taxes your system and slows performance.

Creating a new level of asynchronization by reconfiguring isolation levels from the defaults is a codeless database optimization that boosts performance by freeing up resources for each session as they work in tandem to maintain ACID data integrity.

Database Optimization Starts with Server Internals:

Adjusting server settings are another form of codeless solutions that enhance your database efficiency. A good SQL consultant using remote database services to re-tune your data layer should always ask:

  • What's the server build?
  • How many drives do you use?
  • What's the proper file placement?
  • Was there proper testing for the drive itself?
  • How much CPU do you use per transaction?
  • How do files get groomed?

These settings can tell you if everything is as efficient as possible. Use a monitoring tool and go into the database cache. This enables you to list all the highest resource-consuming blocks of code and decide how to act on them. 

How Indexes can be the Ultimate Codeless Solution:

Checking your indexes is the key to robust database optimization.

Whether it's a generic or custom-made application, there are usually duplicate indexes you can delete. There are better indexes you can add.

These changes are codeless enhancements, letting your QA team continue to enjoy that mocha flavored espresso.

Along with a new index, you can change the session settings. In most cases, people are using the default settings for their sessions. Data might be the most interesting part of an application, but managing the database can be the least enjoyable part of running your software.

Very few developers take the initiative to change the default configurations. This can cause problems as your app matures, especially when you have many users and there needs to be a specialized protocol to enable them to use the system in the most orderly fashion possible to avoid excessive wait times for each user.

The larger your database becomes, especially with more data, the harder you will feel every database inefficiency.

Whether your business is in insurance, finance, manufacturing, or IT, it doesn't matter. Every application needs constant database optimization to keep running fast and your resource consumption burning slow.

It can cost money and certainly time. Before you dive in by making coding alterations, see how much you can accomplish with codeless solutions.

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