Convert Your MS Access Database to a Web Application in the Cloud

Converting your MS Access database into a web application in the cloud can be a tricky process. You are taking a database your MS Access developer built years or decades ago and moving it to a modern platform. It’s like lifting your grandma’s home and moving it to Silicon Valley.

It can be done, but you have to be careful.

Converting your MS Access database into a web application is like lifting your grandma’s home and moving it to Silicon Valley.

When Your MS Access Developer is Long Gone:

What’s the first step in migrating a database from one point to another? Understanding the database.

Who do you reach out to in order to understand? Your DBMS expert or the MS Access developer who first built it. If your system is more than five years old, it’s likely this person is no longer at the company.  

That can make any migration very messy. Situations like this force a business to put off updating or migrating its database out of fear that merely touching it will break everything.

At The Faber Consulting Group, Inc., ,we have converted MS Access databases into web apps for over 15 years. We have a methodical process that gently moves your data.

First, we take on the role of your MS Access database administrator. As we work with your data system, we learn the business rules to make sure our MS Access Developer will keep your legacy app functional.

Agile Development to Convert Your Access Database into a Web Application:

We take the agile approach to developing your web application. Our approach is to utilize the best software development life cycle to increase quality and speed while reducing cost.

Even in an old database, some parts are critical to its functioning. We start at this point.

It’s important to note that to us, the most essential part of developing custom software comes before coding. It’s listening. We need to know how your company performs its daily tasks to create a new data layer that mimics precisely how your business collects, updates, analyzes, and reports data.

We believe in an open and lively line of communication with your team. This is how we determine why the moving parts move in the direction they do, and how we can improve upon it.

We will show you versions of the proposed software so you can provide constant feedback on what you like, want to see, and don’t need.

This constant feedback process customizes your software to deliver value perfectly suited to your business.

Updating Components:

At The Farber Consulting Group, Inc., We know how hard it is for anyone unfamiliar with software development to understand the vocabulary. We make it a point to explain everything as clearly and pleasantly as possible.
Please contact us or call us @ 732-536-4765.

Piece by piece, your old MS Access Database will become a Web Application. We convert your Access database into a first-class web application by installing an SQL database engine on the back end.

As we begin the conversion process, we see how each of the pieces in your database will be transformed. For some pieces, your database may be working according to business rules established when the database was first developed, but are obsolete by now.

In other areas, your data processes may run on technology 10 to 20 years old. There may be additional hoops and hurdles your database is navigating simply because it’s stuck in the 20th century. We will update your data layer to work with what’s available today, refactoring functions, optimizing indexes, and even reconfiguring your defaults to reduce overhead and boost speed.

Areas like inventory control or account receivable should be automated so every transaction can be tracked and notified to every relevant user.     

Untangling the Wires:

What happens when a part of your MS Access database is a complete mess? What happens when we get to the part of your legacy application that has so many fixes, updates, and workarounds, we understand why everyone was so terrified to touch the system.

We will perform reverse engineering to extract the business rules from the legacy system and document everything. Reverse engineering lets our MS Access Developers go line by line and see how things were done in the past -- so we can improve on it.

Everything we do is subject to your review and approval.

We ensure that we are going in the direction you want us to take at every step. That requires constant feedback to ensure our customized software suits your needs perfectly.

Now that your Access database is a Web App, we can do much more with it, especially in automating tasks. We will automate documents and create templates for invoices and purchase orders. We can set up an internal messaging system for projects where employees can monitor their tasks and see what each team member is up to.

This takes your productivity to the next level.

Testing Made Simple:

Once the new data layer is ready, we test it rigorously. We perform the same queries on the legacy application and your new software solution. If both queries produce the same results, the system is working.

We perform similar computations as we migrate your data from the legacy database to your new web application. We don’t certify the system as ready until the numbers for both systems match.

Our methodology is unique in that we emphasize communicating with you to get everything just right. That’s the most valued part of our agile software development proces:

Making your custom web application perform amazing feats in a modern data platform is what we do.

I am happy to talk with you about it at your convenience. For more info about the above please call us: 732-536-4765 or send us an email via our Contact Us page.

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