Custom ERP Software - Features Overview

What is the purpose of Custom Software Development for You?

Custom software development serves its purpose best when you need a software solution tailored to your specific business needs. This will optimize your business processes and save you thousands! Off the shelf software may seem convenient, but can be troublesome. Without a tailored program, you lose significant potential to increase efficiency. We can take your MS Access application and based on your business rules, we can improve and create you a web based solution. This way we can convert access to web or take your Visual Foxpro application into the cloud.

The idea is to find out what's going on in your office from any where in the world. This way you can generate an invoice away from your office and see what's the current inventory in your warehouse. You will never lose an opportunity this way.

See below some features we have developed that can increase your productivity when using an ERP:

Quickbooks Integration from Custom ERP:

It is completely automated process where the client gets updated data for Customers, Suppliers, Bills and their transactions. Invoices, Employees Accounts, Items for inventory tracking, Purchase Orders and Sales Reps and other data as needed.

It is completely automated process where the client gets updated data for Customers, Suppliers, Bills and their transactions. Invoices, Employees Accounts, Items for inventory tracking, Purchase Orders and Sales Reps and other data as needed.

Multi-Tenancy - Manage multiple companies in one Application:

Within our apps, we provide the support for Multi-Tenancy. You can assign different tenants to different editions, for example to “Basic”, “Pro” and “Enterprise”. Different tenants or editions can have different feature sets, all of which is linked with invoicing, subscription management and recurring payments. All of that ensures that you can sell your product at a scale.

SaaS - Stands for as: Software As a Service and multiple clients can use the same software to be differentiated by the Tenant ID.

Power BI - Report Engine by Microsoft:

One of the key differentiators to other systems is the way we approach reporting. We are using the Microsoft’s Power BI, which is embedded within our systems in a unique way. Since the data can be gathered from within the app, your ERP system, or any third-party software, we are leveraging the Power BI capabilities to lift you reporting, data visualization and decision-making process to the next level: For more info please check these additional features here: Microsoft Power BI and Why Businesses need this intelligence tool?

Custom Email Engine:

We developed an integrated email engine which can save you time and money. If you want to send a quote or just a plain message to your customer – you can do that from within the system, without the need to open an email client.

We developed our own business module which includes an Email engine that provides a lot of benefits compared to a regular email. Schedule email to promote products and services and a repeat that in any different way.

The reason we developed this email engine was, since our clients complained that for every marketing campaign, they had to pay someone else substantial amount of money. With our email engine, the clients control every possible aspect of the marketing campaign.

It saves time and money and all records are saved in MS SQL database engine.(You may check our SQL Consulting services as well). It opens up a lot of opportunities to track down products and provided a lot of reports while using Power BI to analyze any campaign or any report engine.

The Power of Mailchimp in a Custom ERP Integration:

Custom ERP integration to the premiere email marketing tool gives you more power from your main dashboard. Mailchimp integration with your custom ERP platform boosts your ability to react fast to customer requests and delight your leads and prospects about the value you offer. See more detail of the Power of Mailchimp in a Custom ERP Integration.

Formula Management Inside an ERP for Chemical Manufacturing:

We have expanded our ERP Net Solution as an ERP for Checmical Manufacturing by including a module to manage Formulas and chemincal inventory software.

It's easy to track and manage formulas consisting of a list of raw materials (or other existing formulas) combined or mixed using a precise method and special instructions to produce a final product.

The module also caters to trade secrets when a product uses a 'secret recipe' like 'Coca-cola' or a patented medicine. It is a Formula Management Inside an ERP for Chemical Manufacturing.

Accounts Receivable Moudle:

Keep all your invoices organized and easily accessible with our Accounts Receivable module. Track customer communications from emails to phone calls.

Keep your clients on the same page with a history of every invoice that includes records of who was contacted for payment, and who wasn’t. This effective communication log resolves quickly any disagreement you may have regarding payment.

Enable your customers to pay automatically with an automated accounts receivable collections process. Reduce turn around for collections by automating how you receive payment.

Dunning and Collection Letters Management Create your own Re-usable Dunning Letters and Unlimited templates I am sure you've said to yourself and colleagues many times.

Wouldn't it be great if we had a word processor, built in just for us, that would automatically create all the client communication letters by inserting the client name and loan information, in minutes. Well we have the answer for you and it's just a phone call away as: 732-536-4765. 

Inventory Control Moudle:

One of the most critical aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning is its inventory module.  This module helps you to keep track of every item in your stock, from raw materials to finished products.

You have the capability to set up the crytical re-stocking point. This way you never stay out of stock, that you may need for your production. You get Real-Time Inventory Visibility from any where in the world.

Smart Notifications System:

We have developed a smart notification system – users can choose between Email, SMS and App notifications and fine-tune the level of notifications. For instance, a user can specify that he/she wants to get a system notification anytime someone comments on the Task which is important for him/her and at the same time get an SMS when there is a new invoice on the project he/she is working on.

We Developed a Chat Engine:

In the changing world and with the new ways of working, communication is more important than ever. This is why we built a chat engine, which is integrated within the application. That can elevate your productivity to the next level as you can share files or exchange messages with your colleagues or within teams.

User Account Delegation:

User Account Delegation is a feature that is rarely seen, but proves to be very valuable. In case of a certain user being on a leave, you can delegate all of his/her tasks and appointments to another user. That way, nothing gets left out and you can ensure maximum productivity. When the user returns from the leave, you just cancel the delegation and everything is back to normal.

Security as Advanced Permission Management:

Security is one of the most important topics for us and something that we carefully monitor and improve with the latest security standards. From security standpoint, there is an advanced permission management on user, role an organization unit level – meaning you can fine-tune the permission for every user.

Main security features we provide: multi-factor authentication (via and App or SMS), Open Id Connect, password complexity customization, user lockout, login attempts, and many more. Also, we implemented a full audit log, so not a single event can’t be UN-tracked.

Authentication and Authorization:

A lot of users already have different accounts, like Microsoft 365, Facebook, Twitter, Google +. We provide support for all of the mentioned and can even integrate with your own Active Directory.

Multi-language Support:

We developed a support for multiple languages, where adding another language is as simple as entering translations for different labels in the system.

Multiple Time zone Support:

When you have your business spread over multiple time zones, even 1 hour makes a huge difference. That’s why all of our business logic is developed around multiple time zone support.

CRM -  Which is also known as Contact Management:

One of our main principles is to make everything as simple as possible and very usable for the end-users. That’s why, for example, when you open a customer, in our system you will see the most relevant data presented in a simple and readable format. At the same time, you will see all of the contacts, activities, tasks, financial data, quotes and invoices related to that partner.

Smart Search Engine:

We developed a Smart Search Engine – you can find any document, partner, contact, file, activity or task within seconds. We are using advanced algorithms which search the database in very efficient way – that’s why our average search takes just milliseconds. Finally, the data is presented in a very organized way.

Calendar with built-in filtering capabilities:

Plan your activities and organize your tasks by using the integrated calendar, which is available from any part of the system. You can customize view and pick from Day view, Work Week view, Week view, Month view, Agenda, or display everything in a timeline. The Calendar has built-in filtering capabilities, so that way you can filter tasks related to your employees or your customers, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything.

Customize your documents and Create your own:

Our system enables you great flexibility in creating templates for your document – you can pick the fields you want to see and make each field editable or UN-editable and visible or hidden from your customers.

For example, you want your quotes to have contain the customer details, validity date, items (with quantities, price, discounts and notes). Your invoices could look similar to quotes, but you want to add fields with payment terms, due date and tax information. At the same time, you want your internal documents, like work orders, to contain the shift name, responsible person and the production start time. All of that is possible with just a couple of clicks.

Our built-in email engine can ensure that your quote immediately gets sent out to the customer with just a single click. You can also preview the document or export it to PDF.

Bottom Line:

Our custom software development team will optimize your procedures, automate your office, save you time, and save you money. Call us now for your custom ERP needs at: 732-536-4765 or simply just contact us from our web site.

Doron Farber - The Farber Consulting Group

I started to develop custom software since 1985 while using dBase III from Aston Tate. From there I moved to FoxBase and to FoxPro and ended up working with Visual FoxPro until Microsoft stopped supporting that great engine. With the Visual FoxPro, I developed the VisualRep which is Report and Query Engine. We are also a dot net development company, and one of our projects is a web scrapping from different web sites. We are Alpha AnyWhere developers, and the Avis Car Rental company trusted us with their contract management software that we developed with the Alpha Five software Engine.


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