Five Key Ways a Custom Web Application is Built to Last Long

In 2000, I bought a table. After browsing through around 20 different options, I decided precisely on the type of table I wanted.

I was so happy when I found it that I rearranged my workspace to accommodate the table. A server and two hard drives, not to mention the spaghetti city of wires all had to make way for a table that cost a fraction of what I spent on my machines.

For two decades, at least eight servers, 14 hard drives, and six monitors came and went. So many software applications, versions, and types have come and gone.

But the table is still there.

This pile of styled wood and metal bolts has outlasted over a dozen versions of Microsoft Office.

When you only settle for what you want, you get superior quality. You own something that will last much longer.

The same applies to a custom web application. They last a lot longer than the off-the-shelf alternatives.

These five key components are why this special software last longer.

A custom web application is future-proof. It runs well over the long haul, so you don't need costly fixes or to replace it.

A Custom Web Application Uses Modern Technologies:

Do you know how many people complain about black box technology? That's when they take a generic piece of software, put it into their systems, and lament that they have no idea how it was made or how it will react to every update of their own application.

When you command the app, you determine what goes into it. Making sure your software has the latest programming languages, frameworks, and libraries extends the expiration date and ensure that your application remains relevant and competitive for years to come. It also gives your users the best experience.

By using widely supported technologies, you reduce the risk that you won't be able to find support for your application. If only a handful of developers still know the language of your application code, they will ask for a lot of money.

Ordering a custom web application built means you get to choose how it is made and that what goes into it will be useful far into the future.

Your Custom Web Application is Easy to Update:

Making the process of updating the application straightforward is crucial for ensuring its longevity. This includes adding new features and functionality.

Keeping your application up-to-date with the latest security patches and bug fixes is essential for protecting both the application and its users. By making the update process easy, you can ensure that these updates are applied promptly, reducing the risk of security breaches or other issues.

There are no guarantees that generic software is flexible enough to accommodate updates and changes.

With a custom software developer at your side, you can encourage your users to tell you what's missing, what can be working better, and what the competition has that you need to counter. The developer can mold and remold your application for every step forward.

Put Your Users First:

Just like we will go to an Italian restaurant 20 minutes out of the way to eat their unmatched garlic bread, we will stick with an application because they give us a smooth, intuitive, and enjoyable experience no other app can.

A custom web app lets you sweat all the small details about the application's speed, the interface's clarity, and the ease of use.

A generic brand cannot please all people all the time. It has to maximize its audience by doing what works for most – but not all. Customizing your app gives you those features that you need which others don’t.

Custom Software is Designed for Scalability:

Scaling out your application makes sure that the best day of your career doesn't become the worst. Once traffic to your business goes through the roof, you want to ensure the house can stretch higher.

An application must be able to handle a greater load on demand. That means it needs special instructions to expand right when your team starts developing it.  

The right makeup of an application keeps resource consumption steady even as traffic surges. Increased costs for running your app on the cloud can eat away or even reverse your gains if these factors aren't kept in check.

A custom web application will keep these metrics consistently below the red line so that as you gradually build up trust and traffic, the only number growing is your profit margin.

At the same time, the persistent ability to accommodate larger audiences keeps performance robust and your users returning.

Continuously Monitor and Improve:

Continuously monitoring and improving your application is vital to its longevity.

A custom web application evolves according to what you and your users decide it needs next. Giving your users what they want in your next version can be the difference between a free trail and a paid subscription.

The make-or-break factor to an app's survival is its security. All it takes is one breach, and people will abandon it in droves.

Security audits for vulnerabilities reduce the risk of security breaches and other issues that could disrupt the stability and reliability of your app.

A custom developer at your side is like putting your hands on the controls. You decide when the app gets secured, how it's protected, and when everything gets reviewed to see that the fortress remains airtight.

Using these five keys effectively keeps your application top of mind for your users. Like my beloved table, it will survive waves of operating systems, competing software, and many servers.

Doron Farber - The Farber Consulting Group

I started to develop custom software since 1985 while using dBase III from Aston Tate. From there I moved to FoxBase and to FoxPro and ended up working with Visual FoxPro until Microsoft stopped supporting that great engine. With the Visual FoxPro, I developed the VisualRep which is Report and Query Engine. We are also a dot net development company, and one of our projects is a web scrapping from different web sites. We are Alpha AnyWhere developers, and the Avis Car Rental company trusted us with their contract management software that we developed with the Alpha Five software Engine.


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