MS Access application as a cloud-based solution

We live in a world that is constantly on the go. More employees need to be connected at home and on the road. When you make the switch and convert an MS Access database to a web-based application, you give your staff the power to be productive from any place and at any time.  In most cases we simply convert Access to web bases solutions.

In this article see what our MS Access developers provided as an alternative solution that could work for some MS Access applications:

MS Access – regarded by many as “not suitable”.
Suitability is dependent on perspective and experience. And here’s the problem when using that as your yard stick in judging MS Access.

  • Firstly, your experience may be based on MS Access 5 or 10 years ago which in IT is a very long time ago.
  • Second, you may only think of MS Access as suitable for a small local system.

Let me attempt to change your opinion.

Did you know that MS Access is one of Microsoft’s oldest products and it’s been evolving every year and Microsoft has given no indication of discontinuing development and support for MS Access.

Did you know that you can use MS Access to build a Cloud Based Application?

Did you know that you can use MS Access to build a Cloud Based Application? We have been developing exclusively with Access since 2010. Over the past 4 years we have thrown PostgreSQL into the mix providing the ability to develop a cloud-based application.

Using Access as a front end (User Interface) and PostgreSQL as the back end (Cloud DB) we get to develop relatively quicky with the features and ease of use offered by Access. Then using an ODBC connector, I tap into the PostgreSQL back end and get better performance that I would from a LAN based Access System. A cloud-based application is however dependant on a good internet connection for good performance.

Why PostgreSQL? PostgreSQL is an object-relational database similar to Access but more powerful:

Why PostgreSQL? PostgreSQL is an object-relational database similar to Access but more powerful. MySQL is purely relational. PostgreSQL offers more complex features and data types than MySQL and is more compliant to SQL standards. PostgreSQL ODBC drivers are easy to install and connecting to Access very easy and not as OS platform dependant as MySQL – and in my experience PostgreSQL offers better tech-support and has some very good GUI Packages out there, like pgAdmin, to facilitate development and management of the DB system.

You may contact us and see how our PostgreSQL developers can help your business to optimize your database and improve its performance . 

Many businesses already have a good MS Access system running over a LAN and it could be moved to the cloud:

Many businesses already have a good Access system running over a LAN but now need to evolve to a cloud-based system. You could develop an application from scratch and spend a small fortune doing that, or you could convert the back end to a PostgreSQL back end, put it on a VPS - known as Virtual Private Server and with a few changes to the front end take your application to the next level.

A real-world example is an application developed for the Construction Industry. Over 30 Users make daily use of the application. Quantity Surveyors and input and retrieve data at the building site. The director can generate P&L – Profit and Loss reports from the beach and the Finance Office can approve Purchase Orders and email the PO from the coffee shop on the corner. The only dependence is having the correct user interface and a good internet connection.

The proposed solution can work only if the MS access application was developed properly:

The proposed solution can work only if the MS access application was developed properly and is up to date.  If the application was not designed properly, we need to consider other alternatives.

Technology continues to evolve almost daily. Any developer is going to punt the technology they are most familiar with because they want to deliver the best possible solution. Imagine walking onto a car lot and because the salesman drives a Ford pickup, that’s all he is willing to offer you.

Developing software to suit your business needs is a very important decision that will affect your business considerably. You should be able to make a choice that suits your requirements, budget and operational efficiency.

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