MS Access Application - Create a Drag and Drop Box functionality

MS Access Versions: 2003 and above.
User Experience Level: Moderate – Advance VBA.

MS Access Developers sometimes have to mimic certain functions that are common to “Web development” in their design, to make the MS Access application more modern and user friendly. Here is a method to implement drag-and-drop functionality for a CSV file import. The following steps are all that are required to add this feature to your form:

  1. Add a reference to the Microsoft Scripting Runtime.
  2. Create a table with a field set to the ‘Hyperlink’ data type. In our example we will call the field “DDBox”.
  3. Create a form bound to the above table.
  4. Add a Text Box control bound to the above Field.

5. Create an After_Update Event with the following code:

6. Create a subroutine called DDBoxRoutine:

7. Create the fieldexists function if you want to test the file structure in the code above:

A good user experience is vital to the success of your MS Access application. One way to modernize and enhance the experience is to migrate your MS Access application to Web.

Our MS Access Consultants are experts at upgrading MS Access applications to full web-based programs. Contact us today or call us at: 732-536-4765 to see how you can benefit from the modern look-and-feel of a full web-based solution.

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