The Power of Mailchimp in a Custom ERP Integration

Proprietary software can breathe new life into your business. Your company is unique, so cookie-cutter software platforms could never match your precise needs. Our Custom software development can focus on your business processes to offer applications that improve efficiency and enhance employee productivity. In this article below we will discuss the full integration with our ERP to Mailchimp. .

Custom ERP integration to the premiere email marketing tool gives you more power from your main dashboard. Mailchimp integration with your custom ERP platform boosts your ability to react fast to customer requests and delight your leads and prospects about the value you offer.

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing platform for improving communication with your leads, prospects, customers, suppliers, and more.

Mailchimp integration with your ERP platform enables anyone remotely interested in you to open up a dialogue about what you can do for them with a simple mouse click.

Enable Data to go Back and Forth between your Mailchimp Integration and the Rest of your Custom ERP Platform.

Automated Emails on Demand:

Anyone who lands on your site and wants to learn more can download an eBook, receive a White Paper, or sign up to a webinar. To do so, they give you their email address.

A custom ERP will send your visitor what they asked for and store the email in Mailchimp. You can follow up by creating an automatic email sequence where they get a series of emails drilling down on what they want to know more about. Mailchimp reduces the amount of work required by your audience to know everything about you.

Delight Your Customers:

Your customers will also supply you with their email address upon making a purchase. You can use this to set an onboarding email schedule to show them the coolest things they can do with your product.

Make yourself indispensable with automatic emails that show how they can fully integrate your business with their success, and keep tabs on them with periodic emails to see how everything is going.

For leads and customers alike, your Mailchimp integration can create newsletters. Mailchimp gives you all sorts of templates. Choose the newsletter you want and let our custom ERP platform use Mailchimp to do the rest. You can send out updates on your product, news about your company, special offers, and even a “TIP” tidbit on how to grok a new feature.

Use Mailchimp as a Full Stack Marketing Platform:

Keep your business in the race for new customers by writing and sending new emails to the specific segment of your audience. Decide which segment each new email subscriber should be assigned.

When someone enters their email address into that text field on your app, you are the one to tell Mailchimp which email segment it goes to.

By targeting your audience, you can personalize your emails. That makes them feel like they are engaged in a one-on-one conversation with you.

Mailchimp Integration with Your Custom ERP Platform:

Our custom ERP Integration with your Mailchimp account is so seamless, you can export all your contacts to Mailchimp with a single click.

Along with migrating your email lists to a fully integrated Custom ERP Platform, there is a lot more you can do with Mailchimp integration:

  • You can track your email campaign results
  • Track your email efficiency
  • You can see how many emails were sent and how many were opened
  • How many bounced
  • How many were redirected to folders outside the recipient’s inbox
  • Who and how many people executed the calls to action in your emails
  • Who subscribed and unsubscribed to your newsletters, even how many Facebook Likes a campaign generated

This information will guide you to discover what emails work, and which types should be avoided.

Enable Data to go Back and Forth between your Mailchimp Integration and the Rest of your Custom ERP Platform:

Once you complete your campaigns, you can send the analytics Mailchimp collects to your ERP for easy access. You can migrate useful data both to and from your Custom ERP and Mailchimp integration.

You don’t have to go into Mailchimp or check their success rates to deploy emails. Your custom ERP platform will do that for you. The information is integrated into your personal dashboards.

Advantages of a Custom ERP Integration with Mailchimp:

Integrating your Custom ERP with Mailchimp gives you many advantages.

  1. You can reuse the contacts module inside your ERP to easily transfer all the segments (filtered users) into Mailchimp. You can design and send the campaigns from the Mailchimp application.
  2. Analytics doesn’t have to be limited to emails. Your ERP will collect all the data that the Mailchimp campaigns generate and store it inside your ERP’s database. You can see how visitors, leads, and customers interact with your business’ sales and marketing assets.
  3. ERP Integration means you take all the data to make rich and extensive Power BI reports to determine your campaigns' overall success and uncover what needs to be done to improve that success.
  4. Your ERP platform generates the documents for invoices, purchase orders, sales order,  batch tickets, contracts, and many other document types.

In Conclusion:

Send all sorts of documents along with your emails, and track which documents are deployed for each campaign. For example, if a specific campaign leads to more emails being sent with invoices, you know where to focus your resources.

By combining your sales data with your Mailchimp analytics, you can find your winning sales formula quicker and put more resources into campaigns and projects to generate superior ROI.

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