What Is the Difference Between MySQL and MS SQL Server?

If you are looking to add a new database system for your company, you will probably be using either MySQL or MS SQL Server. They are the most common relational database management systems. However, there are some significant differences. The most significant difference is this:

  • MySQL is open-source.
  • MS SQL Server is developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft has released various editions of MS SQL Server to meet the budget and needs of different businesses. Working closely with your remote DBA (database administrator), you should determine which of these products is right for your database requirements.

Why is your relational database management system so essential? Your business runs on reports produced by data. Reports include analytics for making business decisions, data entry for new clients, and queries so customers know your current inventory.

All of this data comes from and is stored in your database. A well-constructed database will support business growth, while a poorly developed database can stunt growth or even cause a company to fail.

9 Major Differences Between MySQL and MS SQL Server:

Should you hire a MySQL consultant or go with MS SQL server consulting? Even though the goal of both products is similar, the way they get there is different. Your users may never know the difference because most of what makes these products unique happens on the back end. But your remote DBA will care which one you choose, as will any SQL consultants you bring onboard.

Let’s take a closer look at nine points of comparison for these two database products. This will give you a better idea of which product is right for your company.

#1 Integration and Compatibility:

SQL Server is a Microsoft product, so it makes sense that it was designed to be used with Windows. Is it available on macOS X or Linux? Sure. However, you can’t expect all of the capabilities to perform as well since the database system was designed with Windows in mind. MySQL is open-source and was not designed for a specific operating system. Therefore, it may be the best choice for businesses that prefer Mac OS X or Linux.

#2 Program Language Support:

You are going to want to have custom applications developed that access your database. There are some programming languages that work well with both database systems, including C++, Delphi, Go, Java, PHP, Python. R, Ruby, and Visual Basic. However, being open source once again makes MySQL the more versatile of the two, working well with programming languages like Eiffel, Haskell, Perl, Scheme, and TCL. Ultimately, MS SQL Server will pair best with Dot Net and MySQL with PHP.

#3 Database Engine Configurations:

MS SQL Server is not designed to allow the use of varying database engines. MySQL offers the choice between InnoDB and MyISAM, two engines a MySQL consulting company will be familiar with, which allow for greater flexibility in programming and design. MS SQL Server does not offer the database designer the option to specify one of these engines.

#4 No Expense to Use MySQL for Your Database:

Once again, we see a potential advantage for MySQL. Because it is open-source, it is free. You will only have to pay for MySQL consulting services and not for the database management system itself. When you use any Microsoft product, including SQL Server, you will need the proper licenses for your users. The price of the license will depend on the edition of MS SQL you require.

#5 Using LINQ Queries:

Here’s an advantage of SQL Server over MySQL. Because it natively works along with Dot Net, you can instantly begin to use LINQ queries. It is possible with MySQL, but it requires third-party software that helps you to integrate MySQL and Dot Net.

#6 Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs):

IDEs are a fast and effective way to provide SQL consulting services. They provide access to the server, configuration management, security, database architecture, and table design features. Both database systems have their own unique IDE tools, so you want to be sure your SQL consulting team is familiar with the one for the system you select.

#7 MS SQL Offers Superior Security Compared to MySQL:

While both MySQL and MS SQL are binary collections, only one allows someone to access and alter database files when they are currently running. That is MySQL. On the other hand, you cannot access or manipulate database files when they are running on an MS SQL database. An instance must be run. What does this mean as far as security is concerned? It makes MS SQL a more secure system because hackers do not have access to manipulate data while the system is running.

#8 Data Backup:

Another advantage of MS SQL Server is being able to perform hassle-free backups of your data. The database isn’t blocked when backing up the data, whereas, with MySQL, you have to extract the data in the form of SQL statements. While this may reduce the risk of data corruption when switching between different editions, it also increases the time that it takes both when backing up and restoring your data.

#9 MS SQL Can Kill Queries – MySQL Cannot:

This can be a significant advantage of MS SQL Server over MySQL. SQL Server lets you kill a query while it is running. MySQL requires that you shut down the entire process and restart if you want to stop mid-query.

Quick Comparison Chart Between MySQL and MS SQL Database Engines:

MySQL Server
MS SQL Server
Developer: Oracle (opensource). Developer: Microsoft.
Cost: Free. Cost: Expensive licenses required.
Languages: All primary programming languages plus additional support for Haskell, Perl, TCL, etc. Languages: Supports only primary languages like C++, Java, Visual Basic, etc.
Backup: Database is blocked. Backup: Database is available.
Query Canceling: Not available. Query Canceling: Available.
Security: Allows file manipulation. Security: Does not allow file manipulation while running, increasing security.
Storage: Requires less storage space for operation. Storage: Requires more storage space for operation.

Choosing the Best SQL Consulting Services:

The Farber Consulting Group Inc. offers the SQL consultants you need, whether you choose to use the MySQL database system or MS SQL Server. Besides our SQL consulting for developing a database or updating an existing database, our remote DBAs can help keep your database running smoothly. Thereby optimizing the function of the custom applications your business uses for day-to-day operations.

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