Convert Access to Web

Convert Access to Web – How Converting Your MS Access Database to a Web Based Application Will Increase Your Productivity

Why Convert Access to Web?

We live in a world that is constantly on the go. More employees need to be connected at home and on the road. When you make the switch, and convert an MS Access database to a web-based application, you give your staff the power to be productive from any place and at any time. 

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See sample web based application and how ms access conversion may look like:

You could see more details of the above video for our No Interest Loans application.

You may also want to check the Avis Car Rental Contract Manager that we developed and Converted from MS Access to web based solution and is being used in 30 different locations in north New Jersey.

What types of businesses can benefit most from migrating to a web based application?

  • Global companies – mobile application development will bring your business closer together.
  • Businesses with multiple offices – real time updates eliminate conflicts.
  • Companies with sales reps – keep your mobile employees connected to the headquarters.
  • Any industry that allows employees to work remotely.

What are the advantages of converting MS Access to web based apps?

Before you convert MS Access to MS SQL, it is important to understand the benefits, so that you can be confident your business is making the right decision. Here are several of the advantages.


  • Convert Access to web for greater productivity.
  • Mobile application development gives your business a competitive edge.
  • Hardware and IT costs are reduced thanks to mobile access.
  • Password protected access for customer and vendors leads to greater satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Real time database updates – Once you convert MS Access to web based applications, you'll never have to wait for data entry bottlenecks to clear ever again.

Mobile Application Development

When you convert Access to web, you gain the power to work from tablets and smartphones. Your staff and customers are no doubt already using these devices. It's time to give your employees and users real-time access from their mobile devices. Mobile application development empowers your salespersons, transport staff, and remote employees with the ability to be more productive and keep up to date with inventory and other vital information.

Convert Access to SQL

MS SQL Express is a free version of Microsoft's top database engine. You will notice the difference in processing speed right away when you make the switch. Are you uncertain as to whether Microsoft SQL Express has all the features you need? Paid versions with additional features ensure that your Microsoft SQL database will meet all of your company's expanding needs well into the future. For more info, please check out our article Convert Access to SQL.

The Consequences of Not Converting MS Access to Web Based Applications

We live in a world where no one wants to wait anymore. You need access to your database 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, not only for your staff but also for your customers. Don't lose out on this opportunity to gain a competitive edge and provide a better service. If you fail to convert MS Access to MS SQL, you’re falling behind your competitors who have already taken their business applications online and mobile.

Let Us Help You Convert Access to Web

Our staff is experienced in migrating to web-based applications. Our mobile application development team will help to customize an app that will enable your staff to be more productive and give your customers an engaging experience that will build loyalty in your brand.

Technologies, we use

Dot Net, Alpha Five, Alpha Anywhere, MS SQL 2016 or below, Ms Access, Visual Studio, Visual FoxPro Development , MySQL Database, SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services, and Data modelling tool.

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