Our 3-Step Process to Get Your Custom Software Development Project Started

Before the software development begins, we want to understand your company, goals, timeline, budget, and other needs that make your project unique. That requires interaction between our company and yours. Here is our 3-step process that precedes every project we take on.

  • 1. Get in Touch – It all starts when you contact us. Some clients prefer a verbal first contact. If that sounds like you, call us at 732-536-4765 today! If you prefer an electronic first contact, you can fill out our contact form. If you don’t want to get into too many details due to confidentiality, we’re happy to work under a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Just give us the details you are comfortable with to start out.

  • 2. FREE Consultation – We understand that there may be some reason you decide not to continue with the project. For this reason, you don’t pay for the initial consultation. We hope the consultation goes well and we get to work together, but if not, you’re under no obligation. During the consultation, we strive to understand the project requirements, the needs of your business, your budget, your timeline for the project, and your long-term business goals. This allows us to develop full-blown software requirements specifications that allow us to assess the scope of work accurately.

  • 3. Our Proposal – Once we discuss and agree upon a custom solution to your company’s needs, we’ll draw up a proposal that outlines everything from the project cost to a timeline of how things will proceed from the design phase through the implementation of the system. We not only offer the custom software development NJ businesses can trust but we also offer competitive rates, so we’re pretty confident that if things reach the proposal phase, the project will be a success, and our companies can enjoy a good long-term business relationship.

Once the project begins, you will benefit fully from all that our talented team has to offer. Here are a few examples.

MS SQL Consulting

For your custom software and any web and mobile applications to work at max capacity, your database needs to be fully optimized. Our MS SQL consulting services help to ensure that your custom software is fast, efficient, and meets your needs. To that end, here is a sampling of some of the MS SQL consulting services we offer:

  • Database development – For clients with no existing database or who need a replacement database.
  • Database troubleshooting – For clients with an existing database that is not functioning optimally.
  • Duplicate data elimination – Improves the speed and efficiency of a database.
  • Database maintenance and support – Ongoing database services.
  • Convert Access to web – Database migration to add accessibility and scalability.
  • Remote DBA services – Ongoing support from afar.
  • Reverse database engineering.

Reverse Database Engineering and MS SQL Server Solutions

In order to convert an existing Access database to the web – which provides greater scalability and accessibility – we need to reverse engineer the existing database. This allows us to see the relationships between the existing tables, table names, field names, index files, and more. Reverse engineering an existing database allows us to create documentation and get a better understanding of how the database works. It also gives us the opportunity to clean up duplicate data and speed the database up. This leads to a more efficient database and faster applications.

Alpha AnyWhere Developers

Our Alpha AnyWhere developers can produce apps that allow your team to be productive at the office, at home, and even while traveling. Applications that can accessed online can be used from anywhere. Web-based solutions help bring your company in the modern globalized business world, while still providing the custom software development that you need.

Custom Software Development NJ Companies Must Have

The Farber Consulting Group offers the custom software development services that your company. needs in order to be competitive in the modern business world. Don’t settle for the same generic applications your competitors are using. Custom software development gives your brand a competitive advantage. Call 732-536-4765 now, and get your project started today!