Step 1: Our Talented Custom Software Development Team

It all begins with having the right custom software development team to meet your needs. At the Farber Consulting Group, we give you the advantage of a team that includes MS Access developers, Alpha Anywhere developersdot net developers, and more! Our MS SQL database experts, and experienced mobile application development team members, allow us to design the back end and front end of your projects and integrate software seamlessly into existing systems. For MS Access projects, we can easily convert your Access database to the web, so you gain online accessibility and scalability.

Step 2: Analysis of the Custom Software Development Project

Due diligence is an important factor in custom software development. Through personnel interviews and analysis of existing applications, we get a handle on where the project is starting from and where you want to go. The analysis phase starts right from the initial consultation and continues on to the development of a requirements document that outlines the scope, time frame, and cost of the project. Additionally, we begin the database design process while interviewing the employees and preparing the specs (see Step 4 below for more details on database design). 

Step 3: Development of a Concept Prototype

To keep communication going and ensure that the end product meets and exceeds your expectations, we develop a bare-bones prototype. This allows you to see where we are taking your project and gives us the opportunity to change course if you see something that fails to meets your needs functionally or aesthetically. The concept allows you to see the look and feel of the end project, but while it is still early enough in the project to make major changes. 

Step 4: Database and Software Design

The design phase really begins as well develop your prototype, but it continues on once the prototype has been approved. This is where our database design experts really get to work at ensuring an optimally designed database with no duplicate records that can provide the lightning fast back end for your easy to use and fast finished product. We use xCase as our data modeling tool to speed this process and meet your timeline needs.

Step 5: Development of Custom Software and Applications

At this point, communication between your company and a dedicated project manager from our team allows you to continue to add input through the conclusion of the development process. If you have an existing database (MS Access, Visual FoxPro, etc.) or even just a customer spreadsheet, we can update your database to modern specifications. This phase of our work process also includes diligent testing to ensure that the end product will consistently deliver the performance your business requires. At this point, the application is upload to a testing site which allows you to play a role. If you find anything that doesn’t seem quite right, we can fix it before the project goes live. 

Step 6: Delivering the Finished Project

Your custom software is completed and ready for acceptance and deployment. We use a gradual roll-out process that allows users to provide feedback and allows us to finalize any last-minute adjustments. However, the project doesn’t end when we walk out the door. Testing continues as your internal staff uses the software. Our team works alongside yours to fine tune the finished product and ensure it operates as promised. Your investment is covered against any bugs that may pop up in the first 6 months after implementation, so if you catch anything that doesn’t work perfectly, we’ll come back and fix the problem. We’re confident enough in our team to back up our products and give you the confidence you need to choose us as your custom software developers. We also offer ongoing database support and maintenance services that include 24/7 database monitoring. This helps to ensure that your database is always optimized for performance. In addition, we can provide staff training for the use of the new software, ongoing tech support, and future software upgrades as your business expands and your needs grow. 

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