Create Custom ERP Software for Your Specific Business Needs:

Make your business more efficient at every point. Manage inventory, customer service, business intelligence, internal and external communications, and more.

A custom ERP system can take an off the shelf model and tailor it to your needs. Being among the elite software companies in New Jersey, we can also create your own ERP System from scratch, equipping it with all the specific applications you want to make it perfect for your daily operations.

Examples include integrations to:

  • Microsoft Power BI.
  • Custom Email Engine.
  • Smart Notifications between Email and Phones.
  • Chat Engine.
  • Secure Permissions Authentication.
  • Smart Search Engine.

MS SQL and MySQL Consulting Services:

Our SQL consulting services ensure that your custom software is fast and efficient, performing optimally over both web and mobile applications. We work directly and by remote so you can enjoy database developers and administrators without having to hire someone full time to keep your applications running at full steam all the time.

Services include:

  • Database Development if you need to replace a database or build one from scratch.
  • Database Troubleshooting if you have a database that isn’t functioning or operating painfully slow. This includes reverse database engineering to understand databases whose internals might not have been touched for years.
  • Duplicate Data Elimination to improve the speed and efficiency of your database and reduce cloud costs of carrying unnecessary storage.
  • Ongoing Database Support to maintain top speed and availability of your application. We do this by remote so you don’t need a full-time developer to babysit your database.
  • Convert Your Database to the Web and Cloud for Visual FoxPro and MS Access instances, we can clean them up and migrate them to a web app that can be put in the cloud.

We have been one of the top software companies in New Jersey for over 30 years! If you have an application that needs updates or improvements or you need for a custom solution, call us at 732-536-4765 or contact us.  

Reverse Database Engineering: For Database You are Afraid to Touch:

Quite often a database will work so well, nobody needs to make any changes. The developer in charge of the database leaves the company and nobody assigns a replacement to learn the database or maintain it. If something goes wrong, there isn’t anyone who can fix the database without breaking things in five other places.

The process of fixing things can be brutal.

We will reverse engineer your database to see the relationships between existing tables, table names, field names, index files, and more to create new documentation and get a full understanding of how your database works. We will clean your system out of duplicate data and create other optimizations for faster performance.

The next time you need to upgrade your application, your database will not get in the way.

Alpha AnyWhere Developers:

Our Alpha AnyWhere developers can produce apps that allow your team to be productive at the office, at home, and even while traveling. Applications that can accessed online can be used from anywhere. Web-based solutions help bring your company in the modern globalized business world, while still providing the custom software development that you need.

Our Simple Process Delivers Custom Software Development New Jersey Style:

During the American Revolutionary War, more battles were fought in New Jersey than in any other state. True to this legacy, we at Farber Consulting Group have been fighting to deliver the best software services for the past three decades.

In the tradition of Thomas Edison, whose Menlo Park Lab in New Jersey was the first high tech hub of it’s day, we combine classic software solutions with cutting edge technology to deliver custom software development, New Jersey style.

To deliver the real productivity gains of custom software, we do more than just take a few notes.

  1. Initial Conversation. We want to understand your company goals, timeline, budget, specific operations that surround the software, and anything else that enables us to tailor your application to fit your business perfectly. You can contact us at 732-536-4765 or fill out our contact form. We are happy to work under any non-disclosure agreement (NDA) you might require.
  2. FREE Consultation. Let’s sit down and hear exactly what you need. Tell us your project requirements, the needs of your business, your budget & deadlines, and the goals you want your software and enhanced business processes to achieve. This consultation is free of charge.
  3. Project Playbook. Once we all agree on the best custom solution for your organization, we’ll draw up a proposal that covers the entire project. It includes steps from the design phase to implementation to completion. We will draft agreed upon costs and due dates for each step in the project. We offer competitive rates so you can enjoy superior ROI on the project.

Custom Software Development NJ Companies Must Have:

We have been one of the top software companies in New Jersey for over 30 years! If you have an application that needs updates or improvements or you need for a custom solution, call us at 732-536-4765 or contact us.  

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