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The Faber consulting group Inc. is a software development company providing all types of mobile applications including:

  • Mobile Utilities
  • Social media platforms for mobile
  • Bespoke CRM systems
  • Enterprise communication applications
  • Mobile game development
  • Integration between mobile application and website or other platforms
  • Legacy application migration

We have expert developers in all areas of mobile application development and can comfortably undertake projects of all sizes and focusing on the following mobile platforms:

  • iOS family including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch development
  • Android and Android wear
  • Windows Phone development

We are comfortable working on all types of projects ranging in size and complexity from legacy application updates to large scale enterprise mobile development and bespoke applications such as online signature acceptance. Please check our Car Rental Software that we developed for the Avis Car rental company. We have a tried and tested process in place to ensure that all projects are handled efficiently and professionally. This system allows us to add value not only in terms of the application development itself but also to the project as a whole. We work closely with our clients throughout the project from providing input at the R&D stage through to design and following from the completion of the project we can also provide user testing, Q&A and also further development and support for the mobile application going forward.

Database driven mobile applications

We are also specialists in database design and implementation and drawing on these skills we can work on mobile applications that include a database back end – this could be something as simple as a database of scores for a mobile game through to a complex customer relationship database that is driven by a front end mobile application.

Our typical mobile application projects would involve the following process:

  • Research and brain storming of initial idea to ensure that every requirement is considered
  • Design of the mobile application to provide a blueprint of the end functionality
  • Prototyping of the mobile application including proof of concept
  • Final development taking the application up to release stage
  • Stress testing of the mobile application
  • Continued support and further development if required

Custom Software development Services

As well as the standard project types we also offer custom software development tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We can work on any type of product and to any requirements either producing a completely bespoke mobile application or perhaps integrating with an existing piece of bespoke software.

As well as the development of mobile applications we also offer other related services including feasibility studies, business analysis and presentations, software maintenance for existing mobile applications as well as the migration from old mobile applications or the migration of systems from other platforms such as web.

Technologies we use

Dot Net, Alpha Five, Alpha Anywhere, MS SQL 2016 or below, Visual StudioVisual FoxPro Development , MySQL Database, SSIS - SQL Server Integration ServicesData modelling tool and MS Access.

Call Us Now For Free Consultation At: 732-536-4765

For more information about the types of mobile applications we have developed as well as how we can help you to realize your mobile application please get in touch with us.

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