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If you are looking for a website development firm in the USA and are excited about the many beneficial features of Umbraco, we can provide you with the skilled developers to create a truly engaging and intuitive website for your customers. Website development is about more than just making a website look pretty by including lots of bells and whistles. Ultimately, what really matters is user experience, and that’s why you want our creative and innovative development team in your corner. 

At the Farber Consulting Group, you not only get a highly-skilled team of web developers but also businesses have been relying on for years to build an optimized database for their web based applications. When a professionally developed database serves as the back end for the interface your users see, the result is a lightning fast website that executes user queries efficiently. We’re database experts, and that means we can provide an optimized database to run your web based application.

Affordable Web Development that Provides Real Value for Your Business

Our focus is on providing real value to all of our clients by creating scalable websites that effectively engage users. To that end, we utilize the Umbraco CMS to provide the functionality you need from your website while integrating e-commerce solutions, custom web applications, and even multi site and multi-language solutions for companies that interact with consumers on a global scale. 

To create these collaborative environments, we customize our e-commerce, database, Windows-based application, and multimedia web content services to meet the needs of each company we work with. The results are fast loading websites that are both attractive to site visitors and easy to navigate. Whether you need a website developed or are looking to redesign an existing website, our expert web developers are up to the challenge.

Developing a Site Plan for Your Website

Web design begins with the planning and research phase. In order to meet your brand’s specific needs, we need to learn about your company, your website requirements, and your goals. Then our talented team gets to work on developing the best website for you and your target audience. 

If you sell products from your website, we can help you to develop an eCommerce site that really performs. When consumers encounter a well-designed eCommerce site, they are more likely to add items to the shopping cart and complete the sale. That means an effective site plan is a big part of ensuring the success of your online store.

Affordable Custom Website Development and So Much More

If you are ready for a web development firm that can take care of all of your IT needs, you’ve come to the right place. The Farber Consulting Group has specialists in all of the following categories:

  • Website design and development
  • Web hosting
  • Develop eCommerce websites, also known as Shopping Cart
  • Database design and development
  • Custom software development
  • Website maintenance

Because our staff members have a great variety of specialties, you experience the benefits of having an expert take care of each element of your IT project.

Custom Software Development

We provide custom software development services to New York and New Jersey businesses as well as web-based applications or mobile application development for all mobile device platforms. Please see the accounting application we developed for a non-profit organization called No Interest Loan.

SEO Friendly Website Development

When developing a new website, we strive to help you plan for a site that is fast loading, user-friendly, and that performs when it comes to search engine ranking. To that end, we use responsive design and enact thorough testing to ensure your site loads properly on every type of mobile device. We also create engagement by varying the content and using video. This improves bounce rate and keeps site visitors on your page longer, which in turn lets search engines know your content is interesting. There are no boundaries to what a well-designed website can accomplish. Our vast experience in website design and development enables us to produce the best results.

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