Improves Database Performance

If your applications works slow, then it is most likely could be that the back end your application as the database is not optimized and probably required some indexes to be created or removed and some stored procedures to be re-written in a new innovative way. In the above we just described the fundamentals of the database performance improvement steps that may need to be implemented on your database. Some additional steps could be required and please see for some more info.

Remote DBA

As a database administrator (DBA) we can be responsible for the design, implementation, and the maintenance of your company's database, and mostly improves the database performance. We have tremendous experience with large scale data and TBs of databases and can perform data cleansing on your data as well.

Data Cleansing Experts

We have tremendous experience with large scale data and TBs of databases and can perform data cleansing on your data as follows:

  • Remove duplicate records in a smart way while merging several records into one good record without losing any data. There could be phone number in one record or a Date of Birth (DOB) in another record while the actual record that would stay does not have this additional info.
  • Cleaning up the Date of Birth could be very tedious and especially when the data is imported from different sources. There could be 20 different formats that must be converted to one known format.
  • Breaking down the Address field into different manageable fields such as: Address Number, Street Name, Street Type and more.
  • Cleaning up Emails records and breaks down the Email into name and domain field which provides you a lot of flexibility.
  • Import and export data for different data sources based on different conditions. Update new records in the table while making sure no new duplicate records are entered.

Up size your database

If you are using Ms Access database that grows too big on you, then we can easily up size it for you either to MySQL or MS SQL server. Will import all your data from Ms Access. You will improve database performance this way. As MySQL Consulting firm, when we up size your database, we also check if we can improve the relations between tables, and add indexes where needed to improve performance.      

Data Migration

We can perform data migration from one database to another

Database design

Database design is crucial for the database performance and we design it while using data modeling tools to get a global view of the database, thus prevent any errors in designing the database. Preventing redundant data is the main purpose of a correct database design. Correct database design maximizes the database performance

Database Maintenance

Perform data maintenance while automating the daily backup routine is a must. The following should be performed:

  • Full Database Backup
  • Differential Database Backup
  • Housekeeping of backup files
  • Database Index Rebuilds
  • Database index Reorganization
  • Report Creation
  • Compression of the data
  • Compression of index files
  • Remove Duplicate Records - DeDupe Records

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