MySQL Consulting in NJ, database server solutions and MySQL database administrator and Tuning MySQL Performance

The Farber Consulting Group Inc. provides MySQL consulting in NJ. Our tuning methodology for MySQL Database Servers starts with listening to our client's perceptions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their application, data and reporting needs. In summary, database tuning includes an examination of the complete application, hardware, and database system environment to make sure appropriate optimizations have been used.

The tuning approach utilizes the following three steps (which are described below):

  • 1. Audit the database server environment
  • 2. Assess the database system
  • 3. Analyze the application workload

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Considering the high performance needs of modern applications, we will audit the size of the database server in terms of CPU speed, number of processors, and amount of physical RAM given to the footprint of the applications in question. Many performance issues can simply be resolved by using properly sized hardware, after collecting statistics that detail specific resources that are insufficient.

Once the proper hardware configuration has been assessed, the MySQL database server system can be tuned with respect to the workload present on the system. The determination of database configuration settings is derived from the application workload. Tuning my.cnf settings are vital and unique to each type of application, and by analyzing and collecting statistics from database internals, optimal settings can be derived.

When the foundation has been established for both the server and the database system, the application workload, including batch processing, can be analyzed and information on slow queries can be gathered. Tuning batch processes and optimizing queries can often lead to drastic increases in database throughput, for example, by increasing the performance of the indexes on data. This will allow for an increase in transactional volume, in many cases without the increase of physical memory, processor speed, or number of processors.

Each database tuning assignment is unique, but by understanding the operating requirements and following these steps, any database server can be tuned to achieve optimal performance. That’s why you want our MySQL consulting experts at the helm, bringing our years of experienced to your project. 

Below are the basic MySQL Database Server services that we provide:

  • MySQL database server tuning when problems exist
  • Creating new MySQL database setup and administration
  • Correcting MySQL application performance
  • MySQL Remote database administrator (DBA) - 24x7 Support Services

As part of our MySQL consulting in NJ, we can provide you with a remote MYSQL database administrator (Remote dba) or visit you on site.

We provide MySQL consulting in nj and all over the USA and have 25 years of experience working with MySQL database server development and tune-up in all types of industries including banking, finance, education, government agencies, local government, the entertainment industry and media. Our consultants are dedicated experts in MySQL database and all aspects database services.

MySQL Consulting Services that we provide:

When you choose the Farber Consulting Group for your MySQL consulting, you get all of the following services and more: 

  • Backup and recovery of database
  • MySQL replication and horizontal scaling
  • MySQL with full and incremental hot backups
  • MySQL master replication
  • MySQL with full and incremental hot backups
  • Evaluating managed hosting providers
  • Capacity planning for MySQL
  • Checking MYSQL Replication integrity
  • MySQL and database change management
  • MySQL remote dba - Database administration
  • MySQL retainer services
  • Zero-downtime upgrades
  • Monitoring MySQL in real time
  • Collecting MySQL metrics for outage analysis
  • Migrate MySQL from Oracle database
  • Migrate MySQL from Ms Access database
  • Scaling MySQL and the LAMP stack
  • Linux OS tuning for MySQL

We are MySQL Consulting in NJ but serving all over the globe and Feel free to contact us and we can assist remotely or on site.