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Custom Software development and database administrator services.The Farber Consulting Group, Inc.

I started to develop custom software since 1981 while using dBase III from Aston Tate. From there I moved to FoxBase and to FoxPro and ended up working with Visual FoxPro until Microsoft stopped supporting that great engine. With the Visual FoxPro, I developed the VisualRep which is a Report and Query Engine, and it was a commercial app which was sold all over the world.  

Years ago, I moved to dot net and then was introduced to Alpha Five which is a software development engine and also known as Alpha AnyWhere in 2011. The funny story behind it is, the owner of Alpha AnyWhere Richard Rabins called me, and I thought that he was one these sales people that just wanted to sell me something. From that time Alpha AnyWhere became one of our major tools we use for Custom Software Development. One of our major project which was developed by me, while using Alpha AnyWhere was for the Avis Car Rental contract manager and it is used for 30 locations in North NJ USA.

In addition, in 2006, I started to work with MS SQL database engine and since that we use it as back end for any custom software my company develop. At that time, I started heavily to get involved with data transformation and data cleansing with TBs of tables while using SSIS. 

These days my company provides database administrator services and most of the time as Remote DBA, for different firms. Please check this article I did about: Reverse Database Engineering and Database Design while using a data modelling tool as xCase. Several DBAs supporting these efforts.

We are also a dot net development company, and one of our projects is a screen scrapping from different web sites and much more.

We do a lot of accounting applications and one of them is a major payroll app for school districts. We are in the process to develop an ERP and converting that app from a desktop application into a web-based solution. We are in the stage of getting the specs for now. We follow these rules laid out in my article here: Custom Software Development 10 steps to engage with the client. These rules cannot be broken else the development will fail.

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and MBA majoring in Management Information System. You may check some of my articles in my Blog.