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Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS) - Helping SMB companies to improve business effectiveness by leveraging Open Source CRM and ERP software on the Cloud.

Affordable ERP and CRM applications

Small and medium size businesses (SMB) have the same needs as their Fortune 500 counterparts with much more limited budgets. They understand that in order to compete, they need to make their business processes more efficient with the use of the most advanced software applications. But can they afford to leverage the same technologies as the big guys? With our help you can - at a fraction of the cost! We achieve this by leveraging our extensive expertise in implementing Enterprise Applications and leveraging Open Source and Cloud computing.

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Our Solutions Include:

  • Complete ERP or Components
  • CRM tailored to your needs
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Integrated Financial Systems
  • Industry Specific Solutions
  • Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration
  • Complete IT environment based on Cloud services
  • Customized Enterprise Applications based on your specific needs

Why ERP and CRM are better solutions for the long run?

Many SMBs are using Quickbooks, Peachtree or MYOB to run their businesses. However, when they outgrow these solutions and realize that their growing business now need more advanced functionality and scalability than these solutions provide, they discover that upgrading to a full scale CRM and ERP package is extremely costly. Many decide that they cannot afford such technology and continue struggle with the limited functionality of these solutions. Some select to bolt-on other applications and custom development software to fill-in-the gap. Now with our help, you don't have to compromise! Even if you have not implemented one of these solutions, we can offer a similar alternative with built-in scalability for growth.

Business Benefits Drive Our Work

Although the technology is the enabler of cost-effective solutions, we focus on the business benefits first. Business benefits drive the start of every EAS project. We will identify the expected business benefits and track them before, during, and after project completion. Here are just some examples of business benefits that were achieved by our clients:

  • Improve the overall business efficiency and effectiveness through automation and integration of key business processes.
  • Increased sales through improved lead tracking and lead convergence percentage.
  • Reduced procurement cost through improved vendor management.
  • Reduced Total Cost or Ownership (TCO) for maintaining your corporate messaging and collaboration systems and improved integration with key business applications.
  • Reduced labor cost of customer service through implementation of a more effective CRM solution.
  • Reduced inventory through implementation of improved inventory management and planning tools.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and lower stocking costs by implementation of planning and forecasting tools.
  • Reduced cost of manufacturing and work-in-process.
  • Improved management control and oversight over company's sales through implementation of product sales dashboards.
  • Improved management effectiveness through implementation of integrated financial system with the rest of your business processes.
  • Reduced cost and improved compliance through implementation of integrated quality and financial systems.