CRM ERP Smb Low Cost Solutions

Our low cost ERP and CRM solutions for the small to mid size business

Low-Cost CRM and ERP Solutions for SMB companies

We specialize in selecting and implementing low-cost CRM and ERP solution for the small and medium size businesses. Our technologies and consulting methodologies are all designed to provide affordable enterprise level solutions that up until recently were available only to the largest and most sophisticated enterprises.

Open Source CRM Solutions

The Farber Consulting Group EAS practice specializes in selecting and implementing low-cost Open Source CRM (Customer Resource Management) software that will significantly improve your customer acquisition and management processes.

Open Source ERP Solutions

The Farber Consulting Group EAS practice is leading the way to implementing low-cost Open Source ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to better run your critical enterprise business processes including order entry, inventory and warehousing, procurement, manufacturing, service, delivery, invoicing, and finance. We specifically focus on our SMB clients making our ERP software and services affordable.

Scale beyond QuickBooks at a low cost

Now SMBs can afford enterprise level CRM and ERP software that provides much greater functionality and scalability than the popular QuickBooks application at a low cost! Leveraging our EAS solutions and services you also can implement enterprise class software affordable up until recently by only largest corporations. Upgrade your QuickBooks or start from the beginning with an enterprise ERP software.

Cloud based enterprise applications

Leverage affordable cloud based enterprise applications that reduce your initial investment in IT technology and enable your SMB to leverage state-of-the-art IT infrastructure available to the largest corporations.

Enterprise applications for the SMB companies in NJ and PA

Our EAS practice offers affordable enterprise level business application solutions for our customers located between eastern New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia areas.