ERP CRM Services

Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS) Practice Services

FCG EAS practice offers end-to-end services to help our SMB customers selecting and implementing CRM and ERP software. Our comprehensive services, however, are designed to fit an SMB budget. We understand that although SMBs have many of the same needs as large corporations, they cannot afford high price consulting services. This is why we focus our no nonsense services on what is absolutely necessary to meet your needs, executing efficiently at an affordable price.

Our services include as follows:

CRM and ERP Software Selection

These services are designed to help you in making sure that the enterprise applications that you select (CRM, ERP or office automation) fit your business needs. While some consulting companies spend many hours documenting your business processes and writing detailed requirement documents (which costs $$$), we utilize a much more efficient approach. Our method was designed based on our leadership many years of experience helping customers select COTS (commercial of the shelf) software as well as develop custom software solutions.

Since software selection is both art and science, we utilize our most experienced consultants for this task. Since any software implementation project should be based on business benefits, we make sure that identifying both quantitative and strategic benefits to your business is an integral part of our software selection process.

Typical software selection takes couple of visit to your company, and recommendations are developed in days. We base our selection on our knowledge of proven set of solutions that our company analyzed and has a positive experience implementing. We do not waste our time on considering ISVs that do not have a track record with us.

Software Implementation

As with everything else that we do, efficiency guides our software implementation approach. We understand that you desire to implement a low-cost affordable, and at the same time capable, enterprise level software that would support your business and growth needs. Therefore, our implementation must also be efficient and affordable to meet the overall budget constraints.

Our implementation methodology is based on iterative prototyping blueprint approach. During Blueprinting we both train your key personnel on relevant software functions as well as identify your software setup and customization requirements. This phase is followed by final training and user-acceptance, and parallel IT system infrastructure implementation to support your system.

Our typical implementations take weeks not months. Our goal is to get you running as quickly as possible, instead of engaging you in an endless analysis project. We believe that is better to implement enhancements and customizations gradually as you learn and gain experience with your enterprise application, rather spend considerable time and expense trying to implement the "perfect" solution from day one.

Software Maintenance and Support Services

After implementing enterprise level software, you would need a reliable partner to continue supporting you and your personnel on a daily basis. We can offer a variety of support services starting from part time emergency help desk through 24 X 7 support. We also offer end-to-end support options of both of your IT infrastructure as well as your applications. Our support services are customized to each customer individual needs and budgets.

Custom Enterprise Applications Development

We believe that SMB customer would gain the most efficiency by implementing commercial software packages that fit their business requirements. At the same time, you may have a need to either customize this software to your specific business process or unique business strategy. There may also be need for you to develop certain applications or reports outside of your core ERP or CRM software that provide you with a unique competitive advantage. FCG extensive software development experience combined with our EAS practice experience implementing commercial CRM and ERP packages enables us to both efficiently develop new custom software to meet your needs and effectively integrate it with your CRM and ERP solutions. We will help you in identifying what custom software you really need versus what could be achieved by leveraging existing capabilities within your CRM and ERP package.

Implementation of IT Landscapes

CRM and ERP software must run on an effective and IT infrastructure. We recognize that your enterprise applications will be a critical foundation for your business, and, therefore, your IT environment must be dependable and designed to protect your business from possible disruptions. FCG EAS practice leader have extensive experience implementing some of the most sophisticated IT infrastructures for the largest companies. We draw on the same best-practices that the large companies leverage in there IT system architectures, while making sure your IT environment it fits your limited budget. We can achieve this by leveraging the latest technologies and services including SAAS, Cloud Computing, and virtualization. We also offer hosting and managed services for your entire IT environment.

Implementation of Low Cost Office and Messaging Solutions

Office applications and messaging (i.e., email and instant messaging) are as essential to your business as enterprise class applications. We can help you in adapting low-cost in-house Microsoft based office and messaging solutions as well as efficient low cost Google office and messaging solutions. In addition, we can help you integrate with your mobile systems. Whether in-house or Google based, we make sure that these tools are integrated with your CRM and ERP software and effectively supports your daily business needs.