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Open Source ERP and CRM partners


FCG EAS practice focuses on small and medium size businesses (SMB) in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania areas. We specialize in helping our clients implementing affordable end-to-end business applications that help companies to manage all aspects of their business - sales, order entry, procurement, manufacturing planning, manufacturing shop floor, inventory and warehousing, shipping and receiving, and finance and accounting. We leverage Open Source ERP and CRM technologies that meet our customers' business requirements at an affordable price.

Who do we partner with?

We are constantly looking to partner with other firms in the area that cater to SMB clients. Our partners include accounting and bookkeeping firms, payroll firms, legal firms, companies that offer IT services, as well as consulting firms. By working together we can help each other in identifying new clients, as well as combining our expertise to deliver better solutions and services.

For example, if you are an accounting firm offering accounting services to small and medium size clients, your clients may be seeking scalable low-cost business software to help them run their business. You may already be offering them some services related to popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree, but your client needs to scale up to a more complete business/manufacturing/inventory management package.

If your client approaches a larger national firm or starts working with a service provider outside your network, you run the risk of eventually losing your client. However, if you work with us helping your client selecting and implementing an affordable Open Source ERP or CRM package, your client would appreciate the support, and your firm can partner with us in delivering implementation services, you will continue to service your client in your core service area and possibly grow your services related to the new application. This is a win-win situation for you and your client.

Why Partner with FCG EAS Practice?

Partnering is a win-win for your client, your firm, and us. By combining our expertise, we can offer together better services to our clients, help them grow their businesses, and increase the volume of our combined services. We are happy to leverage your services as part of our implementation effort of open source ERP and CRM software.

If you are an accounting firm, you can help us to setup clients' G/L accounts in the new software. We can train your staff in executing bookkeeping operations on the new software, thus enabling you to offer outsourcing business services to your clients. If you are a payroll firm, you can integrate clients' payroll processing with their new ERP software accounting and HR modules. Legal firms can help setting up customer and vendor contracts, streamlining these operations, and reducing clients' risks in these areas. If you offer IT services such as computer and network implementation and support, then we can work together setting up the new computer infrastructure required to support your clients' new CRM and ERP environments.

We are also interested in leveraging each other marketing efforts. FCG is constantly prospecting new clients in our geographical area through web, telemarketing, and other marketing efforts. Often we find clients who need related services to help them manage their business. We are happy to refer them to our partners in our partnering network - you benefit from our investment in marketing!

Partnering process

Joining our partnering network always starts with a conversation between FCG partner and a key principal of a prospect partner firm. We need to make sure that we have a strong value proposition to partner, we both serve relevant segments, and that our combined value proposition will benefit our clients and our firms.

After the initial contact is made between the principals of our firms, and we find mutual benefit to partner, we proceed to execute a simple memo of understanding (MOU) that outlines our expectations, responsibilities, and expected mutual benefits of our partnering relationship. Depending on the scope of our partnering relationship, we may need to execute a non disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect our intellectual properties. Once this MOU is executed, you join the FCG partnering network.

Often we kickoff the partnership by organizing free seminars to your clients where we present and discuss our Open Source ERP and CRM solutions and how they can improve your clients business operations and address their growth needs.

Contact us

If you are interesting in joining the FCG partnering network, please call or email us today - the faster we connect, the faster we start benefiting from our partnership!

We are also Fluent in Russian and Hebrew

We are fluent in Hebrew or Russian and can work with countries outside of the USA such as Israel or anybody that speak Russian.