QuickBooks Replacement

Why a small Business to Mid-Size Company is looking for a QuickBooks Replacement?

When QuickBooks preventing your company to grow

The maximum number of licenses that you can purchase for QuickBooks Enterprise (the most advanced in the QuickBooks family) package is about 20 users.

This may be enough for a small to midsize company to get started, but you may soon outgrow this limited number of users.

Once you outgrow the limited QuickBooks capability, you will need to look for an effective scalable replacement solution. At this point, you need to look at Open Source ERP software to deliver the required scalability at an affordable cost.

The Reasons you should look for QuickBooks Replacement

Many small companies may be able to get by while using tools such as spreadsheets and QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting packages. The majority of the work may be done by the owners of the company and few employees. However, many SMBs have complex business processes that require more complex business functionality not supported by spreadsheets and popular accounting packages and require Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software from the very start.

As the revenue and the number of the employees grow, the lack of proper integrated business tools will start impacting your bottom line -- such as lost orders, too much inventory, or inventory shortages, missed shipments, missed invoicing, and general lack of control. In this case, as the owner or a key stakeholder, you must look for an appropriate replacement solution for your QuickBooks or other software.

As the small business grows and becomes successful, more employees will need to access the business software that runs your company. Then replacing QuickBooks Enterprise to a more scalable package will become essential.

Why ERP software can help your bottom line?

Lately many small and medium-size companies are increasingly willing to consider open source tools. Not surprisingly, small businesses and large enterprises are predisposed to different applications of open source software. Open Source ERP solution is one such rapidly growing software category likely to be adopted by small businesses for its low cost and acceptable functionality.

Open Source ERP solution is by far more powerful then QuickBooks accounting software and is a perfect QuickBooks replacement.

Open Source ERP has modules and functionality that do not exist in QuickBooks. and, therefore, can be a suitable QuickBooks replacement solution. A typical Open Source ERP has the following functional modules:

  • Inventory Control Management
  • Bills of Materials
  • Manufacture module
  • Distribution Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Manufacturing management
  • Manufacture Schedule Management
  • Sales management
  • CRM which is a Corporate Relationship Management
  • Purchase module that manages all your interaction with Vendor
  • Purchase Requests, actual Purchase Orders, Vouchers, and Receipts
  • General Ledger, which is tightly integrated in real time with the other modules

All could be customized for your specific needs.

Powerful Database management to create reports and have a complete control of your data

Working with real database management enables you creating extremely powerful reports, while taking advantage of the SQL capability to extract records, selecting and excluding records for any condition possible. You can also use a third party report engine such as Crystal reports to create as many custom reports as needed. It is also possible creating external program to access the database, while using dot net for any required transactions. Open Source ERP will provide tremendous flexibility that cannot be found in simple accounting software such as QuickBooks.

The capacity for information within the database on inventory, customers, and vendors is about 100,000 records in the QuickBooks Enterprises package. Your business will grow beyond this limit quickly. Then you will have to find a new business management software package that has much greater data storage scalability. Open Source ERP based on a real database technology, will address this scalability challenge for your company.

With real database you can easily control the size of the database file.

Here is a quote from a QuickBooks consultant:

Based on my experience, the bigger the database the slower it gets and more prone to corruption. QuickBooks provides tools to Verify and Rebuild the database and if the size is over 1 GB then be ready to spend quite some time using those tools. I had a case where a Verify and Rebuild process took 30 hours to complete, and there was no way to stop the process without risking loosing data.

Why open ERP is a better solution for your company?

Some of my clients ask this question: How come it is possible setting up QuickBooks quickly, while ERP takes much more time and effort. The reason it takes more effort setting up Open Source ERP software than QuickBooks is because ERP has more features and can address more complex business requirements.

Small-business and midsize company owners should really consider an open source ERP package and that can meet their business needs as they grow. Open Source ERP solution is the perfect QuickBooks replacement software.

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