What is an Alpha AnyWhere developer?

Alpha AnyWhere is development software that helps a programmer to design and create web and mobile apps for your business. The purpose is to design custom software with the features that your business needs in order to thrive.

An Alpha AnyWhere developer can use this unique tool to rapidly create customized software that matches your company’s business processes. The efficient process reduces the development cycle, allowing an Alpha AnyWhere developer to meet tight timelines. Software development times are practically cut in half. Additionally, the framework allows for the development of easy to use mobile applications, so your custom interface is available to employees or clients at any location.

What is Alpha Five developer?

An Alpha Five developer is the same as an Alpha AnyWhere developer, with the exception that they have experience with the older version of this development software. The program used to be called Alpha Five, but the modern name is Alpha AnyWhere.

This reflects the mobility and scalability of custom applications created with this development software. The name change also reflects the shift from desktop development to web and mobile development.

Why should you choose Alpha AnyWhere for your company’s custom software development?

Alpha AnyWhere can be a powerful tool to help your company. With it, an Alpha AnyWhere developer can create web and mobile applications quickly and efficiently. You can go from the design phase to the final product in half the time. It helps to create a design environment where the applications developed can meet your requirements. Alpha AnyWhere also makes testing simple. This reduces the number of bugs your team will find once the software is in use.

The last big thing that you really need to know about Alpha AnyWhere is that it can be used to produce cloud-based software. Amazon’s cloud services are used by Alpha Cloud. This means that your applications would be able to function across almost every continent (the exceptions are Africa and Antarctica). So even international companies can benefit from Alpha AnyWhere development.

Why do you need your application to be available from anywhere?

If you are going to go through the effort to have custom software development done for your business, you want it to optimize and enhance your existing business processes.

When your application is web or mobile-based (or both), then your team can stay busy, whether they are in the office, at home, or traveling. Our Alpha AnyWhere developers can help you to achieve this goal.

What is Alpha AnyWhere software development?

Alpha AnyWhere software development involves the use of a software development engine to concentrate on web-based and mobile solutions for your brand. It helps a company to be able to make data available globally, so this is a perfect custom software development option for global corporations but also for small regional companies with multiple offices.

Additionally, this is the sort of custom software development you want if you intend to have remote workers for your business. The back end, server-side development uses xBasic, resulting in a built-in framework that speeds up production times. The applications that are created are data-driven. In other words, the mobile applications are designed to provide an immediate response from the company’s database of customers, information, or other useful data. For more details check this article: What Is Alpha AnyWhere Software Development?

Can you tell us about the Avis Car Rental Contract Manager software?

Avis Car Rental Software as Contract Manager.

This is an example of the custom software development that is performed by the Farber Consulting Group Inc. The Avis Car Rental Contract Manager was designed using Alpha AnyWhere software development. Our Alpha AnyWhere developers created a contract manager that is in use in 30 locations, including the Newark, NJ airport.

This software has helped to connect these car rental locations to streamline operations. It is a web-based application that has a built-in contract search engine. Each record is backed up instantly so that any location can check the database in real-time. It even includes damage reports and allows for digital capture of signatures on the contracts.

What kind of experince do you have with Alpha AnyWhere Software Development?

We have over 30 years of experience in database and custom software development. We use a team of multiple developers including database experts in MySQL and MS SQL.

 Here are some of our four exciting case studies developed with Alpha AnyWhere:


  1. Avis Car Rental Contact Manager.
  2. No Interest Loans Account Management
  3. Accounting Software for School Districts
  4. Payroll Salaries Software for Employees of School Districts.

For more details please check our article: Alpha Anywhere Software Development Four of Our Case Studies

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