What does web scraping can do for you?

The data retrieval app, also known as screen scraping will search in parallel for multiple suppliers and competitors in their web sites at the same time. It helps the our client to find the best possible purchase price and offer a very competitive selling price. The information retrieved includes part properties, images of the part, description with additional part numbers, other related parts with their part numbers as well.

In general, the first process is similar to one of content scraping application by grabbing the raw data from multiple web sites as a starting point.

It Is a Decision Support System!

It is much then more than just as a web scraping found in the market. While it retrieves the data, it provides a decision-support system for the client in a much more sophisticated way than any regular content scraping software any client that contact us used previously. 

For much more details, please check this article that some of it was written by an actual client to describe the benefits of that mission critical application that we developed: Web Scraping as Custom software development to Increase Productivity and Profit Margins.

What is an MS Access developer can do for you?

MS Access is software used to create and maintain a relational database. You can develop both the back end (server-side) and front end (client-side) of the database with one convenient desktop application. An MS Access developer should also be proficient with Visual Basic to get the most from the MS Access application.

Why do you need your application to be available from anywhere?

If you are going to go through the effort to have custom software development done for your business, you want it to optimize and enhance your existing business processes. When your application is web or mobile-based (or both), then your team can stay busy, whether they are in the office, at home, or traveling.

What can a mobile application can help my business?

Mobile applications are a vital part of modern business. A mobile app can allow your employees to work from anywhere. It can also allow your clients to shop from anywhere. 

Whether the purpose of the application is to help your employees work remotely or to help a consumer to shop with your brand at any time, the development and design of a mobile application helps to improve your company’s bottom line or profit margin.

A mobile application can be a great revenue tool or a major productivity booster. Either way, the result is that your business can grow and thrive.

What is custom software development?

Custom software development is about creating software that matches the specific needs of your business. This is the opposite of off the shelf or generic software that is created for an industry and requires you to change your business processes to match the program. Your custom software developers will take the time to learn how you do business, find solutions to enhance the process, and then design software that will increase productivity. 

What are the advantages of custom software development?

The Advantages of Custom Software Development:

It provides you with major advantages over off the shelf programs. Here are three significant benefits:

  • Maintain your brand’s processes – You don’t have to adjust the way you do things to how the program works. The software is custom fit to the way you do business.
  • Streamline your business – Generic software will have many features that your employees won’t use. These menus and buttons clutter the workspace and can add stress to your team.
  • Gain a competitive advantage – One of the big advantages your business has is that it is unique. When your software is designed to enhance what makes you unique, rather than squeezing you into an industry mold, you can retain that competitive advantage.

Does your custom software make you smarter?

This question may not seem to make sense at first. How could your applications make you smarter? Think about it. To remain productive, humans need to focus. We’re not designed for multitasking, no matter how good some people may claim to be at it. Therefore, if your custom software helps you to focus, you may actually gain the appearance of being more intelligent. A user-friendly environment and an intuitive design can help individuals to excel at their job. Even if custom software doesn’t actually make an individual more intelligent, it certainly shows that you have made a smart decision to get applications that will increase productivity. You can read more why does your custom software make you smarter in my blog. 

Why is your team comprised of only full stack developers?

A full stack developer can program your applications both from the server and client sides. In other words, they have experience with back end software like SQL but are also familiar with front end software tools like JavaScript and Angular. So why do you want your custom software developed by a SQL consulting firm that also has developers with front end software experience? It helps you ensure complete integration of your server-side systems and your web and mobile applications.

Therefore, a full stack developer is a person who can use all of the tools in a stack. When you are referring to custom application development, a stack includes a number of programs, coding languages, development tools, and so on. For example, you may have a developer who uses the following components in different stacks:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • SQL
  • js
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Angular

These are just a few examples of the many technologies a full stack developer may be familiar with for a single project. While a developer may not be an expert in every single one of these technologies, they should have expertise in at least one, knowledge of the others, and have a support team who can help them to complete a project, if necessary. 

Can you convert our MS Access to web based solution?

What is it so important to convert MS Access to MS SQL in modern times?

There are many good reasons to migrate your database from a desktop application like MS Access to a web-based solution like MS SQL. Here are some of the key reasons to convert Access to web if you are currently using a desktop-based database application.

  • Connect multiple offices – Whether your company operates from several offices in a region or in several cities around the world, you need the convenience of a web-based database.
  • Provide access to remote workers – When you convert MS Access to web, you pave the way to let employees work from home.
  • Increase productivity – Access to the database from anywhere means greater productivity, even when your employees are out of the office.
  • Get real-time updates – When you can update your database from anywhere, you don’t have to wait for an overnight compiling of data. Therefore, you know that query results are current.

What is a Dot Net developer?

A Dot Net developer is a type of programmer and application developer for both the web as well as desktop apps that are linked to an online database. In particular, a Dot Net developer will base their applications on Dot Net Core and the Dot Net framework, which were both developed by Microsoft. This is the number one solution for programming, software design and development, and systems implementation for Windows servers as well as cloud-based local networks.

A Dot Net developer has the knowledge and ability to determine the prerequisites for any custom software that your company needs. Then the design and development stages are carried out. Finally, continuous maintenance, support, and any necessary upgrades are all a part of the job description for a Dot Net developer.

Are Dot Net Developers in Demand?

Yes, there is currently a high demand for Dot Net developers and JavaScript. This is primarily because of the high demand for web development technologies.

While Microsoft is pushing ASP.NET Core to replace ASP.NET MVC, this doesn’t change the Dot Net framework. In fact, a Dot Net development company will understand both in order to work with existing systems and develop new web and mobile applications. This programming framework is a favorite for developers because of the design and client-side technologies that are available provide the power to meet client needs.

What are the benefits for a software application rewrite?

The tech industry moves quickly, and that can mean an older software application can become outdated, even if it was cutting edge just a few years ago. How can you know when it is time to rewrite your software applications? Here are three upgrades you will want to include if you don’t have them already:
For more please see our detailed article as follows:  Here are 3 Strong Reasons You Need a Software Application Rewrit

  • Real-time data – You’re falling behind if you don’t have real-time access to your database.
  • Modern tech – Newer framework can give your user experience a facelift and make your applications easier to use.
  • Integration – Your database and all of your web and mobile applications should integrate seamlessly.

What is the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

There are a number of phases that were designed to help software developers with their approach to the development process. It enables them to achieve both the lowest development cost and the shortest development time. While optimizing time and cost, utilization of SDLC will result in the highest quality product as well.

The following are the phases:   

  • Requirements and analysis
  • Software Planning
  • Software design – including database design
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Deployment

Another step could be added as Software Maintenance and that will be after deployment.

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