Convert Your Manual Procedures and Automate Your office

You may have paper work for your business or spread sheets where you enter notes related to day by day office transactions. This kind of data entry is time consuming to process and cannot be shared by the entire office.

Our custom application development will provide you the office automation to resolve all of these problems.

Need analysis for your Custom Software Development New Jersey

We will analyze your requirements at your office, and develop specifications and design the database using a data modeling tool in the most efficient way. We will interview your employees and take note of all manual procedures, and aim to automate them.

Based on the specific needs we will determine the type of application to be developed. The application could be either desktop, web based or hybrid, which consists of web pages while the internal application is used as desktop for employees working in the office.

This way we provide long term solutions where you will grow with your application without the need to re-write it since it was thought through a long term solution.

Our Custom Development New Jersey includes the following:

  • Business analysis and preparation of specs
  • Feasibility study which covers SDLC - System Development Life Cycle
  • Application development design, architecture development, and implementation
  • User interface design for the application development
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Database design and optimization
  • Migrating applications from old desktop to a web based applications
  • Resolving software issues when trying to grow
  • Re-engineering of the software

Database maintenance

We are database experts and part of the successful application development is the database and the way it is designed and optimized. We will import your data from the older application you had and in the process, will perform data cleansing, and de-dup any records you may have. When we remove duplicate records it is to make sure that you will have the data quality needed for the day to day transitions.

We have experience with large scale data bases and while we import the data, we will make it so that it is optimized for quick searches and this way the user could query any time when needed. In addition, we can fix the data when columns were shifted and place the data back to the correct columns.

Technologies we use

Dot Net, Alpha Five DevelopmentAlpha AnyWhereMS SQL 2019, Dot Net, Visual Studio, Visual FoxPro, MySQL Database, SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services

Bottom Line

Our application development team will automate your manual procedures, optimize your office, save you time and save you money.

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