The Benefits of Using Dot Net Development with Visual Studio 2019 or above:

We develop applications using Visual Studio 2017 and .Net to provide you with the following benefits for both your mobile and web based applications:

  • Fast Development – Dot Net development allows us to produce quality products fast. That means our Visual Studio 2017 experts can hit any reasonable project deadline.
  • Scalable Applications – Web-based applications ensure that as your company grows, your custom developed software will be up to the task.
  • Dot Net Windows Smart Client
  • Integration – Another benefit of development utilizing Visual Studio, Dot Net, and MS SQL is the convenience of seamless integration between your MS SQL database and all of your custom web and mobile applications via the CLR integration.
  • Secure – In our modern technology age, keeping your data secure is a must. The right framework for custom application development means that you have access to the services you need for keeping your system as secure as possible.
  • UX – User experience is the basis for the success or failure of a project. The .NET framework is designed to produce products with the best user experience for employees and customers alike.
  • Rapid Development - Intuitive visual tools and an innovative tag-based programming environment make Visual Studio a highly productive platform for delivering applications.
  • A high performance, multi threaded architecture and advanced features such as just-in-time compiling, load balancing, and fail-over ensure that your applications will scale to handle the most demanding sites.
  • Open Integration - Open integration with databases, email, directories, Java, XML, and enterprise systems means you can develop complex Web applications quickly and easily.
  • Dot Net Web Services
  • Dot Net Application Design
  • Dot Net application Architecture and Design

Dot Net Application Experts

At the Farber Consulting Group, you can find all of the experts you need for:

We’ve been on board with Microsoft’s Dot Net framework from the ground level, so you know we have the expertise to accomplish any task your company needs.

Please check this article and see how we are saving money to our clients while working with the dot net technology.
Please read it to get a better idea: Microservices Vs. Monolithic: Which is the Better Architecture for Your Custom Software Development?

MS SQL Database Integration Experts

Our MS SQL database experts reduce duplicate data to zero and ensure an ultra-fast foundation to base your applications on. 
In addition, CLR integration (which is when the CLR is hosted in MS SQL Server), provides you with the opportunity to author:

  • Stored procedures
  • User-defined functions
  • User-defined aggregates
  • Triggers
  • User-defined types

The performance enhancement opportunities arise when managed code is compiled into native code before execution. The result for you is a lightning fast application thanks to the right database design and the dot net framework.

The Latest Technology and Innovations from Microsoft Are Available Through FCG

The Farber Consulting Group Inc. is the MS SQL database design team that NY and NJ business owners trust. We stay on the cutting edge, using the industry’s latest development tools to pass the benefits along to our clients. 

For robust applications that are developed quickly and on budget, there’s no company you’re better off with.

Java Script

The most fundamental difference between Java Script and Java is that Java Script is an easy-to-use scripting language whereas Java is a full-scale object-oriented programming language that produces an object known as an applet. How both will be developed for Web pages depends upon what type of Web application. Both bring true interactivity to the Web. We at FCG are able to write either Java Script and Java for you.

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