Our decisions shape our future. In business, decisions reached without much thought are detrimental and puts the future of the business in jeopardy. In September 2013, Microsoft released Power BI, an all-around BI tool to automate the reporting and minimize the human error in decision-making process. Microsoft’s primary goal was making business intelligence faster and easier.

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps and connectors that work together to process incoherent data into coherent, visually immersive and provide highly accurate insights for business decision makers.

This tool has been embraced by all and kinds of organizations and businesses. Billions of business decision makers worldwide use it to make sound business decisions such with the underlying reports such as sales/revenue reports, demand planning, customer behavior, sales forecasting, profit and loss/cash flow/balance sheet statements, and even to perform extended financial analytics and planning operations.

How Power BI works?

The tool works by pulling data across multiple data sources to a centralized place where the reports are made. Once that is configured, employees can perform detailed analytics to reveal the progress of the company across all stations/departments. It is a powerful data analytics tool and you may also visualize your data in different ways like graph or charts. It behaves as a data processing tool.

Power BI has hundreds of user interfaces for performing several tasks related to business. The interface is simple to use even on mobile handsets to find resourceful insights and share reports. Power BI provides for simple and quick KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) relevant in making coherent decisions.

Benefits for using Microsoft’s Power BI in your Custom Business Intelligence Applications:

A decision is only as valuable as the accuracy of the data it’s based on. The most vital component of business intelligence applications is the data analytics layer. A custom intelligence tool that carries Power BI enables you to spin the right data into the most valuable information. Your business will thrive by making effective data-driven decisions using the finest class of business intelligence.

Powerful data processing:

Unlike the human brain that gets quickly exhausted when exposed to tons of work, Power BI is powerful enough to process big amounts of data in just seconds. Also, regardless of your location, Power BI enables you customize data from different enterprises including from different locations. Information from sources such as SQL Server Database, Excel, Dynamic365 and thousands of supported data sources.

Compelling data Visualization:

What the eye sees influences greatly what the mind perceives. Power BI took this into account while building their user interface. It presents to you an attractive and an appealing to the eye. There are several visual outlays to choose from depending on your liking. You can choose the right outlook that pleases you.

Microsoft Power BI is an easy way to use BI platform:

Using this tool is not equivalent to rocket science or organic chemistry. Using Power BI is easy and simple from the word go. You do not need to be a software expert neither an analytics engineer. Using this tool is as simple as using your Social media platforms. As you use it, your knowledge in its functioning grows and you get to master it even more. Power BI is supported by simple language that directs you through maneuvering the platform. With this tool, anyone able to use Microsoft tools such as Excel and Word is good to good.

Customizable powerful dashboards:

Power BI runs a user interface with customizable dashboards. It provides you the ability to alter the interface to suit your individual requirements/ specifications that you are comfortable operating with. Also, users for this tool can alter factory metrics in evaluating data and use those preferable to them. This can be done at all levels, whether individual or team. This makes it easier for users to spend time evaluating information that is useful and of need to them.

Highly affordable:

You won’t need to empty your bank to fund the acquisition of this tool. Power BI is very economic and customer friendly. You can also sign up for premium Power BI that comes with some advanced features.

Each month, you receive regular Power BI updates from Microsoft:

Updates are one way of ensuring total customer satisfaction. Microsoft has put a lot of time and resources into developing this tool. Each month, you receive system upgrades that enhance your experience. Microsoft also collects information and reviews from users concerning their user experience and what features they would love to be incorporated in to the tool. They listen and they act upon them.

Safety Measures as Data Encryption:

Each month, you receive regular Power BI updates from Microsoft With the rise of cyber-crimes in the recent past, Microsoft took into consideration the data and information security of the users into account. Users can fully encrypt their data and guard it against any malicious attacks. There are many other strict security protocols embedded within this tool to restrict data from unauthorized users.

There are many other benefits businesses get from using this tool, these are:

  • Data connectivity.
  • Personal Gateway.
  • Data accessibility.

Why MS Power BI is the leading BI tool?

While there are many other business intelligence tools, Microsoft’s Power BI remains the undisputed champion in Business intelligence. For 14 consecutive years, Microsoft has been positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.


Human beings make decisions every day that affect the quality of life. Right decisions drive the progress, while poor results result in mystery and misfortune. Your business shouldn’t be victim of poor decision making when Microsoft has you covered. Microsoft Power BI can be the ultimate tool in your decisions-making process and help your business thrive. If you need a powerful tool like Power BI for data analytics or visualize it in real time, we can help you. Please call us at: 732-536-4765 or Contact Us via our web site.

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