MS Access Software Development that Goes Above and Beyond Expectations

When it comes to MS Access development, it is time to stop thinking in terms of simple reports and look for software that can run your entire business. MS Access can be used to develop systems for many business needs, such as:

  • Warehouse Inventory
  • Office Data Entry
  • Customer Lists for Marketing Purposes
  • Sales (order taking or scheduling services)
  • Convert Access to Web

Really, the sky is the limit. Think about what your business needs. Let our MS Access developers turn your ideas into time and money saving realities.

MS Access Consultants for Existing Databases

It is important to have tech support for an existing database. Companies are often left in the lurch when a consultant develops their database and then disappears or when an in-house developer quits or is fired. While sometimes a new database is necessary to obtain optimal results, our MS Access consultants are experienced in salvaging an existing database. Often, the database can be sped up significantly simply by getting rid of duplicate data. Not only can our staff improve your existing database, but we are also happy to provide ongoing database maintenance. Why pay a full-time employee to do occasional maintenance on your database when you can pay a consultant by the hour?

The Advantages of Hiring an MS Access Consultant Over a New Employee

Some companies decide to hire on a new employee to run a project like this, but taking on such an endeavor in-house is a waste of resources. Consider the benefits of hiring an experienced MS Access consultant instead:

  • Save Money – You don’t need someone working on your database 100% of the time, so why hire on a full-time employee when you can pay an MS Access consultant by the hour or by the project?
  • Save Time – An in-house employee may need to learn more about MS Access, whereas this is all that an MS Access consultant does. You don’t have to get an employee certified, so you can get started on your project right away.
  • Expertise – At the Farber Consulting Group Inc., our MS Access consultants are experts in their field, so you get all of that knowledge and experience put to work on your project.
  • Security – When you are moving your data into an MS SQL database with an MS Access database as the front end, you benefit from enhanced security as well.

The Premier MS Access Programmers in NJ

When you want the best MS Access programmers NJ has to offer, you are looking for the Farber Consulting Group Inc. In fact, you don’t even have to start out with an Access database to avail yourselves of our services. Our MS Access consultants are also experienced in migrating data from other database platforms. We can take your existing database, develop an MS Access database to meet your needs, migrate your data, and clean up duplicates in the process. It’s a win-win all the way around.

Why Take Your MS Access Database Online?

Another one of the specialties of our MS Access development team is the ability to migrate your MS Access database online. But why would you want your database to be in the cloud? Consider the following advantages:

  • Multiple Locations. 1 Database. – If your business operates at several different locations (perhaps even globally), an online database is vital for collaboration. It saves data from being entered at more than one location and later compiled. This ultimately saves duplication of data and preserves database speed and integrity.
  • On-the-Move Staff – If your team travels for work, staff occasionally works from home, or you want your employees connected even when they are on vacation, this is your best method. Anyone with access to the online database can make changes or add necessary information. All employees have access to the most updated data to use for sales, marketing, project planning, and other vital business functions. It’s the ultimate collaboration tool.
  • Money Saving – It is far cheaper to store data in the cloud than to have servers with tons of information at your offices. There are fewer maintenance issues and less in-house tech support is needed. You save money on hardware and staff.
  • Customer and Vendor Satisfaction – When your customers and vendors have access to needed information at the touch of their fingers, satisfaction in your brand is greater. You can provide logins to customer and vendors that give them access to the specific information they need, such as shipment tracking or product availability.

Our MS Access consultants can help your company to obtain all of these benefits and more by migrating your database to the web.

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