We Provide Remote Database Administrator Services.

Our company has tremendous amounts of experience with large scale databases. Please see our SQL blog for articles about related work we have done.
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SQL Server Database Administrator

A SQL Server database administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the SQL Server databases within an organization. This includes tasks such as installing, configuring, and upgrading database software, as well as monitoring database performance and ensuring data integrity and security. Additionally, a database administrator will also be involved in troubleshooting any issues that may arise, such as database crashes or data corruption. They may also be involved in designing and implementing backup and recovery strategies to protect the data stored in the databases. Overall, a SQL Server database administrator plays a crucial role in ensuring that the databases are running smoothly and efficiently to support the organization's business operations.

Improve Your
Bottom Line.

We provide database services for your company such as MS SQL Remote DBA -, on an as-needed basis, thus reducing the unnecessary expenses. When we work for your company as a remote DBA consultant there are no costs associated with hiring a database administrator, since we only work when you needed us.

Usually, we monitor the performance of your database daily during normal business hours while scheduling any maintenance work for your company after the end of the business day.

Remote DBA services will reduce database administration costs by up to 70%. Thus, the work we do delivers an immediate return on investment (ROI).

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Our main office is located in central New Jersey, USA which is just under an hour away from New York, New York. You may contact us by email as well by clicking the “contact us" link. But just remember that your company does not have to be nearby to benefit from a remote database administrator, so while we provide database services for companies in the New York and New Jersey area in person, our services are not limited to these two states.

We provide Remote DBA Service worldwide, and companies in countries like England, France and others are using our services.

Provide Database Optimization and Tune Up while using MS SQL Engine.

We specialize in database optimization, and it is crucial to track down the duration of each executed stored procedure or ad hoc query.
We analyze your query first. Then we decide on the best course of action to be taken in order to reduce the execution time. It could be as simple as creating a new index file. Our SQL consulting experts can make recommendations that will save your company time and money.

Our MS SQL remote database administrators and consultants are trained and experienced in taking an existing database and optimizing it for maximum performance. However, we can also migrate your database to the MS SQL engine, even if you have been using a different service. Either way, the goal is to boost productivity for your staff and increase the profits for your business.

Why Choose Our Remote Database Administration Services?

There are many reasons to choose the remote database administration services provided by the pros at Farber Consulting Group, Inc. Here is a small sampling of what our remote DBA NJ clients enjoy.

  • 24/7 monitoring of your mission-critical systems.
  • The collective experience of the FCG team, including our 30-year veteran founder.
  • Improved database function and infrastructure without adding an in-house employee.
  • Timely database assessments to ensure that your system is working best for you at all times.
  • Support for your in-house IT staff when they need database support.
  • Fewer major incidents because your system performance is kept under close scrutiny.

Remote DBA and SQL Consulting Services:

  • Development of Database Services.
  • Installation and upgrade for your Database.
  • Provide Database Administration and Data Maintenance.
  • Manage your database security and permissions for MS SQL Engine.
  • Database Optimization and performance enhancement.
  • Provide Import and export data services based on different conditions.
  • MS SQL or MySQL database tune up.
  • Our firm provides data cleansing based on your requirements.
  • We provide database design for MySQL or MS SQL while using data modeling tools.
  • We provide custom reports based on your business rules.
  • We improve your reports' performance while optimizing their stored procedure.
  • We provide database monitoring 24/7 Support Services.
  • We will create backup automation routines and verify your backups.
  • SSIS SQL Server Integration Services Development.
  • Provide data transformation services as database Business Intelligence as SSIS.
  • Provide different types of database Support: such as: MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, and Visual FoxPro.
  • Database quality assurance Testing Services.
  • MySQL or MS SQL Database design services and fully normalized tables.
  • Develop search engine for people with different routines.
  • Load balance for the database hard disk.
  • Search engine Fuzzy Logic Implementation.
  • Data Cleansing Services and - Remove Duplicate Records in MS SQL or MySQL.
  • Backup and recovery of the database.
  • Capacity planning for MS SQL and MySQL.
  • Provide MS SQL Replication integrity services.
  • MS SQL remote DBA NY – as Database administration.
  • Provides MySQL remote DBA NJ services.
  • Data migration services: MySQL to MS SQL or Oracle database to MS SQL.
  • Data migration from: MS Access database to MS SQL database.
  • Migrate Visual FoxPro tables to MS SQL database engine.
  • Convert MS Access to MS SQL database engine.
  • Big Data services in MS SQL or MySQL.
  • Big Data decision making based on the analysis of your data.
  • Reverse Database Engineering for MS SQL database, MySQL, MS Access, and Visual FoxPro.

Data Cleansing for MS SQL and Removing Duplicate Records.

We have a tremendous amount of experience with large scale databases in the magnitude of Terabytes(TB). Our firm will perform data cleansing only when it is needed. Day-to-day operations can create duplicate records inherently. However, we remove these duplicate records after careful planning.

Imagine this scenario. In one record, you have an empty DOB field (Data of Birth), but in another record the DOB is actually filled with data. The second record may contain a valid phone number while the first one is empty. We definitely need to remove duplicate records in a method that will increase productivity while not erasing any data.

The solution is to merge the missing phone number and/or DOB into a single record, while deleting the empty one. In any business which depends on its data, it is crucial to keep valuable data and prevent any data loss while performing data cleansing. Our SQL consulting experts can handle these delicate procedures to ensure your database is working optimally. Please check our article: How to remove duplicate records in sql to get a better understanding of this concept.

MS SQL Database Migration.

We specialize in data migration from one type of database to another. In this process, we improve the database design and optimize its performance while implementing the data migration.
The following are the database types that we are involved with:

  • MySQL to MS SQL
  • Oracle database to MS SQL
  • MS Access to MS SQL
  • Visual FoxPro tables to MS SQL

We can implement the MS SQL migration from legacy Windows server to the new one from 2003 to 2016 including installation and configuration of MS SQL Server. Additionally, we can migrate or upgrade the following:

  • Your SSIS packages.
  • The SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) from an old version of MS SQL Server to another one.

MS SQL Database Design.

Database design is extremely important for database performance. We use data modeling tools such as: xCase to improve the efficiency of the database design process. It helps to automate the relationships between tables, creation of tables, views, and indexes. Using such a database design tool allows us to get a global view of the entire database.

Using data modeling tools prevents us from making any design mistakes. This ensures the database is best optimized and prevents redundancy of data. A good design concept means that once you enter data in the application you can use that data throughout the application without the need to re-enter it.

In addition, part of our Remote DBA Service is to help to develop a long term database design while you preserve the initial design and add modules later on without re-designing the database.

Reverse Database Engineering.

A very important feature of the data modelling tool is the capability of Reverse Database Engineering. You can take an old database design and import all of it directly into the data modeling tool, where you get a very quick head start with the design of the database.

We can use reverse database engineering on the following formats and save it as a different database engine:

  • MS Access to MS SQL
  • Visual Foxpro to MS SQL
  • Visual FoxPro to MS Access
  • MS Access to Visual FoxPro
  • MySQL to MS SQL

and many more!

Processing Big Data in MS SQL.

Big Data helps to drive the quality of your products and improve the efficiency of your services. We can help you analyze your big data and transform it into action and decision making. This is just one of the many ways that our DBA SQL consulting experts can help you to expand your business.

Reduce Your Costs with SQL Server Remote DBA Services

Many of our clients view reducing costs as a priority. Our SQL server remote DBA services can help you to accomplish this goal. Routine maintenance is one of the best places to cut expenses. Rather than having an in-house tech who gets paid on salary all year long, you can hire a remote DBA SQL Server professional and reduce your overall cost significantly.

The same principle applies to our remote DBA for MS SQL professionals. From migrating your database to the web to integrating your custom-developed software, our remote database administration services can help you to streamline your business.

Remote DBA Service for your MS SQL Databases.

When you choose our firm to maintain your SQL Server databases, you can rest assured that your database will be handled by the top MS SQL DBA's of our team. Our Senior developer has 30 years of experience in database development and our experts have at least 15 years of experience in servicing MS SQL databases.

In addition, we have database experts with the distinction of MS SQL MVP (Most Valuable Professional). We support MS SQL Server Databases as Remote DBA for the following versions:

MS SQL Server: 6.5, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

This makes our remote DBA service one you can trust. We stand behind the experience and professionalism of each of our team members. Whether you need MS SQL remote work or any other type of database administration services, the Farber Consulting Group Inc. is here to help.

Remote DBA NJ Companies Rely On

The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. is well known for our SQL Server remote DBA services. Of course, we also provide in-house services for companies in our local area. However, our remote database administration services help companies all over the globe. Does your new startup require any of these services for your SQL Server database?

  • Configuration, setup, or installation of your database.
  • Database auditing, design, data modeling, etc.
  • Performance tuning, de-dupe (duplicate record removal), optimization.
  • Disaster recovery planning (logs, record mirroring, etc.).
  • Upgrades or migration of data.
  • SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS.
  • Professional database troubleshooting and solutions.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your database.

If these are the services you need, then you can get all of your DBA services from the Farber Consulting Group, Inc. For affordable services that can improve productivity, get in touch with us today!

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We are an MS SQL Consulting firm located in central New Jersey, serving worldwide needs. Thanks to our MS SQL remote services that can be performed from anywhere. You get the convenience of professional and experienced DBA SQL consulting without the expense of hiring an in-house employee. 

Feel free to contact us at any time. Bear in mind that we can assist you onsite or remotely. So, whether you need a remote database administrator or are a local company in the New York or New Jersey areas in need of SQL consulting, the Farber Consulting Group is here for you.

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