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This company deals for robotics and realized that Microsoft Robotics offers a major step forward in robotics and in particular integration of robots with the rest of digital infrastructure. Microsoft Robotics can do for robots what Microsoft Windows has done for the PC.

The company adapted the Microsoft Robotics technologies into their software solutions.

The synergy of integrating the company's technologies with the Microsoft Robotics technology provides the state of the art of a robot offline programming and simulation of an application which interfaces with most industrial robots and other equipment that supports the Microsoft Robotics interfaces.

Our solution was to create a web site to reflect the efforts of this company so any potential clients could easily identify that company capability and use them as their robotics source.

We used Microsoft technology as: asp.net as part of Visual Studio such as: csharp, C++, WPF, ASP.net and the database is MSSQL 2008. In addition, we used tools to work with java, OpenGL and OpenSceneGrape.