BidStar's optional Item Request Entry by budget code can be used to limit items going out for bid and to generate purchase orders.

Starting the process: There are many facts to a new bid. First there must be a list of items. An item is a product that you may purchase and trying to bid on. Before entering items a Category must be designated. 'Art' is a frequently created Category for example. You may add a Sub category in the Sub Category form as well. Then add Items to the Items form. All items must be tied to the Category and optionally can be assigned to a Sub category under that Category. Then create a new Bid# in the Bid# Table and attach a Category or multiple Categories to that Bid#. A Bid# might be '01/02-ART' with the Description 'ART BID - 2006/2007'.

It has the following reports:

Vendor Comparison for Pivot table Award a vendor was biding on the majority of the items. Since there could be a requirements that only vendors that were bidding above 90% of the items could be considered for the award.
Invitation to Bid Send the report to the Vendor for an RFQ.
Quantity Request List Sent to the users to mark down how many items to order. Also if the items were re-numbered that it will be reflected in this report.
Vendor Bid Modifications General info for the vendor like terms of payments or any conditions regarding the bid.
Suppliers Invited to bid All suppliers that invited to bid for the items.
Suppliers who did the bid Suppliers that were participating in the Bid.
Schedule of awards A print out who awarded the bid. There are 2 reports for this purpose. The second one handles in case if 2 vendors were awarded for the same item. It is customizable to provide a more friendly language to a none technical people.
Vendor for Bid Association Shows how many bids were awarded for the current vendor.
Vendor for Bid Association Shows how many bids were awarded for the current vendor.
Request Verification Print or view quantities entered by budget code for verification purposes.  To see if all items are there.
Request Analysis Provides a detailed report item by item detailing each department and quantity ordered. All budgets codes per each item.
Un Resolved and Vendor Award Items that were bid on and nobody awarded them.  Awarded to the lowest bid.
Vendor Receiving Awards Total items (Optional) - Vendor name and the number of items awarded.
Vendor comparison all items For only those items bid upon by every responding vendor. This way you can see all vendors that were bidding on the items. If the vendor did not bid it will not be shown on this report. The comparison is only  vendors that were bidding on the same item.
Sole Bidder If one vendor bid it will show up in the sole bidder report. It will only show items that were bid by one Vendor only. If more then one vendor bid on the same item it will not be shown on this report.
PO by budget code Is exactly what goes to the vendor. For a PO you can have more then one budget code. If you leave the Vendor as blank it will get all POs for all Vendors. If you enter the budget code then you get all POs for that budget code.
Re Number PO's Change the PO numbers. So once a PO was assigned you can not print.  If PO is Re-numbered then it could printed again.
PO by District It creates the PO for anyone who enter the quantity.
Report by Budget code The items for this budget will appear in this report.
PO number by distribution Handles distribution based on the last 2 digits of the budget code. This can you can find out what space the items are stored.
Delivery - Warehouse By Vendor. Purchase Order Report This is a Warehouse disbursement report basically and it is by Vendor.

Vendor gets the PO and sends the items to the warehouse, so this way the warehouse will know which school in the district it is belong too, or any organization name.

BidStar exporting the schedule of awards into any financial package including WinCap. This way it provides all items and their prices. WinCap produce a PO, WinCap keeps how much money is left in the budget based on the Budget code.

Budget code could be for School base or district or any government agency that may have a budget code.

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