Car Rental Software Avis Contract Manager.

Please see some of the features:

  • Built in Signature Capture Technology
  • Web Based Application
  • Vehicle Transfer Contract known as VTC
  • Car Rental Software as a Web based solution
  • Handle Multiple Car Rental Companies with the Same Contract
  • Built in Contract Search Engine
  • The Car Rental Contract Manager Software Process
  • Instant Database Backup for Each Record
  • Administration Management Software
  • Car Rental Damage Report
  • The technology we use

See the Avis Car Rental Software video with signature capability

Built in Signature Capture Technology:

We Integrated the signature capture technology into the car rental software solution. The user signs the contract by either finger or a mouse on the monitor. The signature is encrypted and saved within the database.

Web Based Application:

The Avis contract manager is a web based solution and is database centric, allowing for customers to rent a car at one location and return it at another. It handles damage reports when the car is rented or returned.

Vehicle Transfer Contract known as VTC:

It addition, the Avis car rental software keeps track of when any car is transferred from one car rental location to another by the staff. It produces a check out and check in contract so the Avis management team can keep track of any transferred car location. Each person needs to sign the contract when the car is checked out or checked in.

Car Rental Software as a Web based solution:

The idea is to create a centralized web solution that all locations can access at any time. This application gets the into from the Avis Car Rental main frame computer where the contract is sent via the internet into the MS SQL database and saved as a text file.

At this point the contract’s information is parsed with all details including Contract Number, Fuel Service and much more.

Handle Multiple Car Rental Companies with the Same Contract:

Since Avis Car Rental merged with two additional companies: Budget and Payless, the software created a unique contract ID to differentiate between each company. Each agent easily can recognize if this is a Payless, Budget or Avis contract.

Built in Contract Search Engine:

It has a built in search engine to look for the Contract Number, Customer Name, or you can search for contracts based on the location name. In addition, it has a separate search engine to look for the Vehicle Transfer Contract based on the VTC number, date range, or any car rental location. See below some contract details after it was parsed from the Avis Car Rental world wide main frame computer.

Avis Car Rental custom application developed by the Farber Consulting Group Inc. It is used in 30 locations in North NJ USA, and including Newark air-port NJ.

The Car Rental Contract Manager Software Process:

This software has the capability to grab any text file with all the info and extract any detail. The first process of the application is to indicate if there is any damage to the car or not. After that the agent will mark the contract in red where the customer is supposed to sign the contract.

The customer signs in the second monitor facing him or her while the agent works with the application with his/her monitor to manage all the processes. After the customer signs the contract it is saved in the database and the process is done until the customer returns the car. Same above mentioned process will be when the customer returns the car.

Instant Database Backup for Each Record:

The Avis Car Rental Software is implemented as their contract manager application which also runs in a second server as back up. It is to provide an instant backup just in case the main server goes down.

In order to support that capability, we use the MS SQL 2012 the Replication feature capability to copy all records from one server to another instantly.

It goes 2 ways, if all users work on server B, when server A is back all records will be synchronized in minutes.

Administration Management Software:

The Car Rental Software provides the capability to manage all rental locations. The administrator can create users per each location and assign them different privileges or rights. You can add new locations and new users per each car rental location. The administrator can have a global view of all car rental locations and all the users in all different locations.

Car Rental Damage Report:

The car rental software also has a Damage Report Template which provides the administrator the capability to change the language of that report if needed. The car rental customer gets the contract plus the damage report as one contract while the damage section appears at the bottom.

The first step is always to verify if there is car damage when you check out or check in. It provides car rental agent the capability to describe in details the type of damage or whether it is a truck or a car. If it is a truck, then the user is required to enter the height of that truck as well.

The technology we use:

The technology we used to develop this application is Alpha Anywhere Software Development version 12.00 which also supports mobile devices and signature technology. As the back end we used MS SQL 2012 database engine.

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