Step 3:

Sign The Car Rental Contract Either By fingur Or Mouse.

At this point the Avis car rental agent clicks the Sign button where the below contract will be shown up within the second monitor facing the Customer. Now there is a new image with the annotation where the customer will sign right where they are marked. When the customer is done with the signature process he or she will click the Confirm Signature button. The signature itself is stored separately to be combined later on with contract without the annotation as shown in the step 4 below.

Step 4:

Preview the car rental signed contract:

In this point the agent clicks the preview button on her/his monitor to validate the signature. If all looks ok then click the Valid Signature button.

Step 5:

Print the car rental signed contract:

The Print button is enabled in this point so the PDF report can be created. The contract was saved already with the combined signature as one file as shown below:

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