CTS also tracks student scholarships. It can be used to track if the student should continue school, seek employment, and/or choose the military after graduation. CTS Shows at a glance where students are being accepted and what was required to get them there. It provides a listing of all schools - employers the student had applied to and how they have fared. Included are their GPA, activities, test results, and more. In addition, the software compiles data on graduates going to 2 and/or 4 year schools in or out of state by ethnicity, gender and much more. CTS can work with your school software system and import your students' names and addresses, numerical grade, gender, ethnicity, GPA and much more from SASI, eSchool, Schoolware, WinSchool, Pentamation, SchoolMax, PowerSchool and most any other school software system. It also can be accessed remotely via the internet.

Saves Time A 95% time savings may be realized when utilizing CTS. Tracking of a graduating student, their information, grades, student scholarships. It is just at your finger tips. When coming across complex reports, they can be created simply, and in a few minutes you will be able to run a variety of reports with a minimum learning curve.

College Application Tracks the process of the student college application, such as Application Fees sent, and how it was sent, Transcripts sent, Recommendation Letter(s) sent, and maintains a list of people that sent letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation can be attached into the student profile. Tracks down how the SAT and/or other tests were sent, tracks most known colleges in the US and Canada, providing information such as whether the institution is private or public, and other details as well. It will track down which schools accepted or rejected the student and much more.

Scholarships Under this topic you can select to work with any one of the following 4 forms: Organization, Scholarship Manager, Student Scholarship Application and Maintenance. Organization form will provide you with all the information regarding a specific organization. Scholarship Manager will provide you with all the requirements and availability regarding a specific scholarship. Student scholarship application will first provide you with the option of searching for a student based on graduation year, first name, last name and social security number.
After you have selected the student, you'll see the form consists of: information on the student, information on the scholarship(s) which is available to them based on different criteria you had input and more. In the Maintenance form you can add, modify or edit any category such as: residency, application outcome, athletic abilities, and much more.

Ad hoc Reporting - Create your own custom reports Includes the full version of Report and Query Engine named VisualRep that can be found at: VRep. It is powerful, yet user friendly enough for any user to create his/her own reports. The user can create parameters that can limit the flow of data such as the Date range. Based on the selection of the tables the report is automatically generated and can be modified. An extensive help file with a step by step guide for creating reports is included VisualRep help file. The Report and Query engine is another quality product from the Farber Consulting Group, Inc.

Reports: Can be exported to Excel spread sheet with support to data groups and Graphics.
Can be exported to Adobe Acrobat - PDF file, HTML, MS Word, Text File, DBF file and XML file which is a text based markup file format and can pass through most Fire Walls without the need to bridge any security.
Can be E-Mailed any format mentioned above, and can handle batch processing of multiple E-mails.

Data Driven:When selecting any data entry form, such as: Students or Scholarship, it has built in pick list for Diploma, Groups, Program strength, Ethnicity and much more. On the fly within the each form you can add edit remove when ever it is needed, without leaving the form you are in.

Easy To Use:It offers the user ease of use and flexibility. The program is self explanatory, very efficient and productive. User can get involved with this program without any special training.

Import Form:The importer is a wizard based tool to import data from any School software such as: eSchool, WinSchool, SASI and much more. It will lead the user step by step through the process. The importer will import all Students' data such as Name address GPA, Home phone Counselor name and much more.

Unlimited Notes:Each Main form has the capability to enter unlimited notes that are stamped with the author's name (based on the user log in name) and title. Subjects for the note are selected from a pick list for consistency. New subjects can be entered on the fly via the Note Type form.

Security: It includes a built-in Security feature. Each user logs in with a password and user ID. The administrator has full control of the fields that can be accessed by users individually or by group.

Milestones:When you work with the College Application form you can add the Milestones which is available as a pick list, that can be changed and modified by you. Using the milestones capability, you can enter the steps of the student application such as: Application prepared by student or Application submitted and much more. Each student application will keep its own milestone history.

Output Type:Your report can be directed to a Printer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel file, PDF file, HTML file, Text file, and DBF file. It has a built in E-Mail engine and the Report can be E-Mailed to an individual or group in any of the above formats.

Track Down Letter of Recommendations:You can track the teacher/Staff that provided letter of recommendation for each college application the student has applied. In addition, it tracks the date it was sent, the department and the contact names for the college. If there is a letter that was created electronically such as MS Word or PDF file it could be attached as a letter and can be invoked at any given time.

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