VisualRep Reports

Provide a suite of reports to cover all aspects of the students. You may modify or create new reports. You can either select CTS Report Manager , and/or for more complex reports you may need to select VisualRep - Report and Query Engine.

Ad hoc Reporting Capabilities Includes FREE full version of Report and Query Engine named VisualRep that can be found at: VRep. It is user friendly enough for any user to create his/her own reports. The user can create parameters that can limit the flow of data such as the Date range. Based on the selection of the tables the report is automatically generated and can be modified. An extensive help file with a step by step guide for creating reports is included. Click here to get the VRep help file.

The Report and Query engine is another product which was developed by the Farber Consulting Group, Inc. The Report writer can do the following and much more:

  • Has the capability to export to Excel spread sheet with support to data groups and Graphics.
  • Can export to Adobe Acrobat PDF file, HTML, MS Word, Text File, DBF file and XML file which is a text based file that can be E-mailed via Fire Walls without the need to bridge any security.
  • Is able to E-Mail any report from any format mentioned above, including batch of E-mails at the same time.