What is The Purpose Behind A Multi-Tenant Application?

The purpose behind a multi-tenant application is to have one database for all the tenants, each tenant being a client, separated by its own unique ID. A tenant is a group of users who share a common access with specific privileges to the software. You might be familiar with this concept known as SaaS, software as a service.

The messaging system is designed to alert all tenants of any maintenance and log them out when it starts. In addition, each tenant (group of users as a client) can run its own maintenance independent of each other or simply for a company with no connection to the multitenant system.

Check this detailed video to provide you a full overview the way the messaging works:

The Multi-Tenant Application Was Developed as Commercial Framework:

The project was developed and designed as a commercial framework and can be used in multiple projects with the same code.

The Multi-Tenant Application Overview:

The Multi-Tenant messaging system software is being used for over 250 independent locations and each location has their own number of employees.

The messaging system is designed to alert all different companies of any maintenance and log them out when it starts. In addition, each tenant (group of users as a client) can run its own maintenance independent of each other. It could be done also for a company with no connection to the multi-tenant system. Meaning that company XYZ can send to 200 of their employees some alert messages or news.

The message center system will inform all the users, days before any maintenance is due, and users will constantly be updated for all locations. When the company or software provider started any maintenance no user can log in.

When the user logs in he or she can see the incoming message or news or click on the dedicated page for that purpose.
You can create as many messages as needed and schedule them for whatever time that is required. It has its own full blown message scheduler. You can test and see each message, how each user sees it in real time.

Creating News for Thousands for Employees:

In addition, you can create news for all companies and their employees and turn them off when needed. You can use the Message editor capability and change the fonts and colors to your liking.

Kill Any Message If Need Be:

The message center has the capability to observe all messages for all companies and kill any message if need be. There could be a time that the Software as a Service provider or known as SaaS must do some urgent maintenance and use its capability for that.

Online Message System capability:

The message center can be used by the top management to manage all news that could be sent to any company, or just simply for one company and their employees. It is like having your own online message system capability.

Sending SMS at Your Finger Tips:

In addition, we can add the capability to send SMS to thousands of users while using the same data driven capability to multiple companies.

The Database Behind the Messaging Service

MS SQL 2019 is the back end for all services. As a database consulting firm, The Farber Consulting Group is keenly aware of how to use MS SQL to allow you to track activity and create a separate profile record for each company in the system.

Created with the Alpha Anywhere Development Package

We are also Alpha Anywhere Developers, providing custom software development for our clients. Because of our history and expertise with Alpha Anywhere, we were able to develop this unique online messaging service that provides you maximum benefit in an easy to use environment.

Additional Technologies that Went into the Project

Besides the Alpha Anywhere development software and MS SQL for the back end database, we also made use of xCase data modelling tool. This is a tool that allows us to reverse engineer a database and provide database design services, right before the software development is started. Reverse engineering a database is a key element in allowing us to create customized software for your business regardless of the database you currently use.

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