This option is available for Visual FoxPro database, VPM and DBCX Data Dictionaries. It is not allowed for client server databases such as MS SQL, Oracle and MS Access. For any client server including MS Access you will need to add the entire database definitions into VisualRep and automatically it will generate the report for the selected tables.

Application Root

It has a set of folders to support the reports and queries. Each data set can have its own specific files. Each data set can represent a division or a department and if you have a set of data per each division then VisualRep can work with it very easily. All it takes is to create a data set in VisualRep and let it know where are folders. It is all done via the project form where you select each folder via the folder picker as shown in figure A below.

A data set must consist of the following folders:

Application Data

Is where an application's specific data is stored. It also could be from any database that does belong to any application.

Data Dictionary

Are all the necessary files that maintain any data about the reports queries and relations between the Application's Data or any available database. The files within this folder are generated when the data set is created by VisualRep.

Reports Any report created by VisualRep will be generated into this folder.

Report output

Where the output of the report is saved. That could be a PDF or a MS Word file or any other file format selected by the user.

Data Set Structure

In one application or a database there could be more then one data set. A different data set is useful if you have an accounting system that has its own data files, while your own data is in a different folder.

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