Prices For VRep

Enterprise Edition

VisualRep Competitive Upgrade Price - $445 (Save $100)

Already own a competing Visual FoxPro query and reporting tool? Then, you qualify for the VisualRep competitive upgrade price of $445 -- a $100 savings. "Competing" products that qualify for the competitive upgrade are Crystal Reports, Foxfire!, R&R and StoneField Query.

VisualRep License conditions

End-user query and reporting tool. (1 user license)

License Conditions:

If you install a full version of VisualRep then it is required to purchase a license per each computer. This way you have the capability to generate, modify queries or reports and much more.

If you use VisualRep just to run reports or queries then it is royalty free up to 10 users for the same company. Above the 10th user there will be a small fee for $25.00 per sit. Note that for commercial software it is $25.00 for the first sit.

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* If you qualify for the Competitive Upgrade price, we need proof of purchase for Crystal Reports, Foxfire!, R&R or Stonefield Query. Please email proof of purchase to Customer Service or fax proof of purchase to 732-536-4721. You may order one VisualRep Competitive Upgrade for each competing product license that you have.

For any promotion and/or to order a copy or more, please click the link below:



Download Only: The product you receive is download only. You will not receive a shipment with a CD and manuals.

Reserved Rights: The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. Corporation reserves the right to terminate or change the price and terms of this offer at any time without notice.