Nothing Holds a Candle to VisualRep

I bought VRep quite a while ago, and had played with it a bit, but never really had an opportunity to incorporate it into an application and get deep into its capabilities. Well, last weekend, I had a bunch of reports to develop for a client, and I felt it was a good time to get started.

This is one VERY powerful report writer. I used to use FoxFire years ago, but it doesn't hold a candle to the integration you get with VPM, and ease of setup and use. Plus you get great support from Doron Farber.

I did some very complex reports with 6 or 7 joins, and external code running to update tables, and it was amazingly easy to do. I really detest creating reports, but this almost makes it fun [grin].

Try the demo. You will see that it will make you lots of money in gained productivity.

-- Martin Schiff

Great Time Saver for Developers

Hi Martin,

I couldn't agree with you more, I have been using VisualRep for at least 5 years and so far there is not one report required by the application which I have not been able to quickly develop with VisualRep.

As a matter of fact I had just tested the new support for Remote Views in VisualRep with MySQL which allow me to re-use any of the 5 ways views supported in VPME9.1 and will automatically create the parameters needed in VisualRep to requery the view in the background plus full support to regular VisualRep features in the query wizard, a great time saver for developers.

Edhy Rijo

Bronx New York

Heads and Shoulders Above the Others

I have been using Vrep for a few years now. I have experience with Foxfire, Accpac Query (stonefield) and other report writers as well. When it comes to creating a complex report Vrep is head and shoulders above Foxfire and Query. Creating complex reports with multiple joins is easy as pie. I sometimes build a query in Vrep and then grab the SQL code to use in my programs!

- Tevye Brown

Users Can Create Complex Reports without Knowing FoxPro

I have to agree with the other comments here.

I use Vrep to allow my users to create weird ad hock reports that they want once in lifetime, but are VERY complex, and as end users they are able to do it with no knowledge of VFP or data theory. They have no idea how my tables/views are linked and yet they can create the most complex of reports in a few minutes.

They are happy to be able to do it and I am happy not to have to try to hand code such complex reports.

I've tried other report software and there is nothing as easy to use, for me or the end user, as Vrep.

David Le Mesuirer

The following user comments appeared in a July 7, 2007, thread about VisualRep on the VisualRep Newsgroup.

I have written several queries and reports that work perfectly with my VPME 9.1.12 application. VREP9 has saved me a lot of time in creating those reports. I'm printing barcodes to Zebra label printers using VREP9 and it works great! The export to PDF is really handy for my users since they can email those reports to their supervisors. I can spend more time developing my application instead of worrying about the reports I need to create. I was in a time crunch to get some things finished last week and VREP9 saved my hide! VREP9 is a wonderful product and worth every penny! Thanks for making this program, Doron!

NOTE: In case you don't know what FTW stands for, it means FOR THE WIN!

James Trogdon

Prestige Fabricators, Inc.

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